Specialized Sitero unveiled

Specialized unveiled their new Sitero triathlon and timetrial saddle today in conjunction with the Urban Hotels Ironman Melbourne event and we have detailed pics of the Sitero Pro and arranged a video chat with the product manager. The first images of the new saddle appeared from the bikes of some of the Specialized athletes who raced in Abu Dhabi, and many of our readers asked for more details.

We thus pinned down Nick Gosseen, the Specialized product manager for saddles, and he explained the development and some of the features of this new saddle.

The Sitero Pro saddle is quite compact with a 24cm length and has a modular integrated bottle holder.

The view from the top shows some of the details, including the perforated seating area.

The frontal perspective of the Sitero. At its widest point this saddle is roughly 15cm.

As we look below at the saddle without any attachment, we can see the mounting points and carbon rails.

The Sitero Pro saddle in our hands came in at a very light 211 grams.

The Sitero Pro saddle with the transition hook mounted.

The view from below with the transition hook in place.

Our Sitero Pro with the complete integrated bottle mount and all bolts weighed 294 grams.

We added a comparison image with an ISM saddle to answer that nose width question.

This Sitero Pro saddle is very likely to replace this editor's long trusted Fizik Arione Tri edition, a saddle that in comparison has a 30cm length, 13cm width and weighs 267 grams. The Sitero Pro and Sitero Expert saddles will be available through authorized Specialized retailers by Mid April.

MSRP Sitero Pro (carbon rails): $225
MSRP Sitero Expert (ti rails) $175

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com