Video: Beginner's Guide to Tubeless Installation

Our Reader Forum is buzzing with tubeless tire talk, and today we’ll answer some specific questions that have come up. We recently discussed some of the day-to-day considerations of using tire sealant, and some of you asked for a clearer "how to" guide for pouring sealant into the tire without making a mess.

We covered this topic with photos and words a handful of years back, and also showed sealant injection through the valve stem with a pair of Bontrager TLR wheels. If pictures are worth a thousand words, does that make a video worth a million?

This video ended up longer than anticipated, morphing into a Beginner’s Guide of sorts for road tubeless installation. As can happen, one tire installed without a problem, while the second tire unexpectedly had trouble taking air.

Finally, we received a question about installing particularly tight tires, which we address near the end of the video.