Eric Limkemann's Specialized Shiv

Eric Limkemann's season was perfected with the birth of a baby daughter, but the man also has to race hard now to provide. Here is the Specialized Shiv of this fast swimming Pro triathlete.

Eric Limkemann in action during Ironman Chattanooga where he led for a long time before dropping back to 5th place.

Locked and loaded and ready for action.

Limkemann uses a Zipp cockpit instead of the integrated Specialized one and he rides with a fairly tall stack.

For a swimmer though he has a very narrow armpad position. The Specialized Fuelselage line shows signs of heavy usage.

Limkemann rides a Quarq powermeter with 53/39 chainrings.

His saddle of choice is an ISM Attack.

Up close with the front end of this Specialized Shiv Tri.

The Specialized Fuelcell was taped closed, ideally not to have to be opened.

Looking down on the race bike of Eric Limkemann.

In case you wondered about the writing on the toptube - Limkemann is a Blazeman warrior.

Ultegra Di2 on the bike of Limkemann, and yes, nothing is wrong with that group.

A Zipp disc with a Continental Grand Prix 4000S 23mm tire in the back.

A Zipp 808 Firecrest does the duties up front with a Continental Grand Prix 4000S 23mm tire

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