Giant Trinity 1 for 2010

What was 2009's Trinity 1 is 2010's Trinity 0, and that's fine. But last year's Trinity 2 seems to be renamed Trinity 1 for 2010, and that's confusing. Why? I raved about the Trinity 1 last year and panned the Trinity 2. So, while last year's Trinity 1 was a great bike, this year's Trinity 1 is a bike that I would pass by.

I'm breaking a rule in suggesting this, because I almost always favor getting the best frame for the least price—sort of like buying the worst house in a nice neighborhood (it's not the prettiest, but you'll get the best value).

For example, I'll certainly recommend the lesser priced Trinity Alliance (Giant's step up over the Trinity series) over the pricey version, because you get the same frame for less money. But in the case of the bargain-priced Trinity Alliance, the group spec is acceptable. The 2010 version of the Trinity 1 is outfitted with Shimano Sora. This group should not be sold on bikes selling for $1425, which is the price point of the Trinity 2.

Sora is a 9sp group, and almost certainly everything you buy for your Giant—spare training wheels, new drivetrain parts, race wheels—will be 10sp. The cycling world has made the switch to 10sp. There's no turning back.