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Tri bike reader opinions

: It's been almost 2 years since we polled Slowtwitchers on what bikes they admire, and to which they aspire. Here are the results of a recent set of polls, compared to what you all said in July of ...

What We Have Noticed: D2, DeSoto, NormaTec ...

: We recently noticed custom triathlon shoes from D2, a light vest from DeSoto, compression technology from NormaTec, warmup oil from Sixtus and a quirky line of glasses from Donkey Products.

2nd step from Felt, Orbea

: Here are Felt's B16 and Orbea's Aletta, each bikes inside of that $2000 to $2350 price range, a category that's a step up from entry-level, but still affordable.

What We Have Noticed: Panache, Speedplay, Sugoi ...

: We stumbled upon items from Panache, Speedplay, and Sugoi, plus a couple fun things.

Giant, Leader wrap entry-level tri

: Bikes by Giant and Leader, here reviewed, complete our analysis of tri bikes at the entry level. Giant's tri bikes are leaps ahead of what this company was making earlier this decade, and the Leader ...

2nd step tri bikes

: These are tri bikes that sell in the $1900 to $2400 range. We're calling them 2nd step because they're a step above entry level, but not yet to the mid-price range. Herein we look at some ...

Entry-level tri bikes: Trek and Fuji

: There aren't many complete tri bikes for sale under $1900 anymore. But there are six, three of which we've already reviewed, two more are reviewed here, the Trek Equinox 7 and the Fuji Aloha 2.0

Stability shoes: Part 1

: It's that important category between Neutral and Motion Control, where a lot of the best selling models sit. We'll look at the best-selling Adrenalin, the red hot Kayano, and the eyebrow raising ...

Motion Control footwear 2009

: Hey, big guy, here are your motion control running shoes for Spring 09. In this first edition are the models from Asics (Gel Foundation) and Brooks (Beast, Ariel and Addiction)

What We Have Noticed: Alter-G, blueseventy, Rudy Project and more

: In this edition of "What We Have Noticed," slowtwitch is taking a closer look at the G Pro trainer from Alter-G, goggles from blueseventy, glasses from Rudy Project and a traveling alarm by Reliance ...

What we Have Noticed: Aquasphere, Blackburn, Bontrager, First Endurance

: We have come across new goggles from Aquasphere, a light system from Blackburn Design, ultralight brakes from Bontrager and new nutrition from First Endurance.

More lightweight trainers 09

: Our look at lightweight trainers for Spring 09 continues. In Part I we looked at shoes from Nike, Saucony and Asics. Now we move to Adidas, New Balance and Mizuno.

Running footwear 09: racing flats

: If you're a 180 pound triathlete, a 6 ounce shoe is probably out. But if you're a 145 pounder with a good footfall, an 8 ounce shoe might be in. Here's our first round of overviews of 09's racing ...

2009 tri bikes at the entry level

: The flip side of our red hot demographic is that "entry level" in triathlon does not start at the entry level. Here's our $1500-and-up look at tri bikes for 09, starting with Cervelo, Felt and QR.

What We Have Noticed: Scott, CycleOps, Cobb, NUUN and more

: Today we introduce you to triathlon shoes from Scott USA, a trainer from CycleOps, a saddle from John Cobb, a beverage from NUUN and a very interesting concept light system.

Lightweight Trainers Part 3

: Our coverage of lightweight training footwear offered for Spring 09 continues with a look at models made by Brooks, Newton and K-Swiss.

What We Have Noticed: Xtenex, Zipp, Avia, fi'zi:k

: Starting today you'll see a new editorial feature on slowtwitch called "What We Have Noticed" and in this new series we'll cover products and services we have stumbled upon. But we are not reviewing ...

Lightweight Running: Spring 09

: This is the first of several articles looking at lightweight technical running footwear, and eventually all important models in all categories of running footwear, offered for sale for the Spring 09 ...

The running shoes of the top 10 women in Kona

: Chrissie Wellington and Sandra Wallenhorst ran sub 3 hours at the 2008 Ford Ironman World Championships and finished 1st and 3rd respectively. We looked closer at the shoes which carried them and ...

The running shoes of the top 10 men in Kona

: While we started to look closer at the bikes of the top finishers at Ironman Hawaii last year already, this year we also wanted to know more about their running shoes.

Ironman Hawaii 2008 - the top 15 men and their bikes

: What kind of bikes were the top 15 pro men riding at the Ford Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii? Slowtwitch took a few images of the men and their machines.

Ironman Hawaii 2008 - the top 15 women and their bikes

: Although the Ford Ironman World Championships and any other triathlon isn't only about the bike, we still want to share what kind of bikes the top 15 pro women rode in Kona.

Interbike Wrap-Up 2008

: After a whirlwind tour of the bike industry's annual "Big Show," I came away with a feeling that there is a lot of boring stuff being made today, but also a few gems. For every needle in the haystack, ...

Feeling Free: Nineteen Frequency ElleSystem

: Canadian ITU swim-star Jill Savege tests out Nineteen's premier women's specific suit in the famed waters of Penticton's Okanagan Lake while putting aside any cultural favoritism in the name of women' ...

Smarmy Fahrradkongress

: There is probably a fine, long German word that aptly describes the social, cultural and industrial phenomenon that is Interbike. Part of that word should include kitschig which, according to those ...

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