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Jordan Rapp's Felt DA

: Today we are taking a closer look at the Felt DA of Jordan Rapp for our series "the bikes of the pros." Jordan has posted some of the fastest bike splits in a few races he has entered and we wanted ...

Preferred build: Kuota's new Kueen K

: Last month we debuted a new feature, called the Preferred Build. The idea is to gruppo-up some popular and interesting bikes the way we'd like to see them built. July's preferred build ...

Black Gold: Aquaman's CellGold Wetsuit

: Aquaman's new Cell Gold wetsuit mixes classic Aquaman features with a new rubber from Yamamoto. We put the suit to the test, trying to discover if the folks at Aquaman were able to put the midas ...

Wetsuit Rubber: A User's Guide

: A follow up to Dan Empfield's primer on the rubber used in triathlon wetsuits. A useful guide as we embark on tests of several of the newest wetsuits to hit the market.

Kiwami For The Womens: Wahina Max

: ITU star Jill Savege loans her racing expertise to Slowtwitch for a review some women's specific race swimsuits.

First Look: Zoot's 2009 footwear line

: We had an invite to Zoot's apparel debut, and came away with an inadvertent sneek peak at the new '09 footwear line.

Seeing Clearly: Sable WaterOptics Goggles

: Sable offers premium quality optics at a premium price, but their goggles are worth every penny for open water racing.

SRAM’s ’08 Tri Offerings: An Analysis

: SRAM's entry into the tri market is no token effort. We take a look at what they debuted for tri in '08. And surprisingly, it ain't about the bling.

Preferred Build: Cervelo P3C

: Today begins a new set of articles on Slowtwitch, a series in which we feature a bike in a fashion we call our "Preferred Build." We'll highlight a bike, built as we might if it were left up to the ...

3T's Ventus bar: The road test

: The Dutch Masters (the bike makers, not the cigar makers) have struck again. The Ventus is a tri bar to be taken seriously: not just as eye candy atop the P3Cs ridden by Cancellara and the CSC team.

Scott Debuts Plasma 2 in Italy

: After entering the TT world pitching the Plasma as "superlight,", Scott is adding a new focus: aerodynamics. Here's Adrian Montgomery with details on the new Plasma 2.

Our verdict on the Kestrel Airfoil Pro?

: Kestrel up and runnoft to the East Coast last year. Right around Eurobike time (August 07) the rumors were flying that "Fuji is buying Kestrel." One month later there were new Kestrels in the Fuji ...

Felt's tri bikes for 2008

: Felt's tri bikes have always been a great value. The ride quality has been up and down, depending on the year. Is 2008 an up year, or a down one? Read and find out.

David Thompson's Litespeed

: David Thompson is known as one of the fastest cyclists in the sport of triathlon and we asked him a few question about his bike and setup. Enjoy part 4 of our "the bikes of the pros" series.

Trek's tri bikes split the geometric difference

: The equinox marks the halfway point between the Summer and Winter solstice. Trek's Equinox, aptly named, sits midway between two established geometric standards.

Cannondale's Slice for 2008

: The Slice is not your father's Cannondale. Nor even your older brother's. It's all new and (gasp!) it's all carbon.

Scott's Plasma for 2008

: Scott hit the ground running with tri bikes made for serious riders. Scott staked out its own territory with views on how its bikes should fit — views that differed from Cervelo, Felt, QR and the ...

Ain-Alar Juhanson's Scott Plasma

: We continue our series "the bikes of the pros" with Ain-Alar Juhanson's Scott Plasma. Find out what the big and powerful Estonian thinks about his ride.

TriSuit Shootout Part 3: 2XU

: In two shorts years, 2XU has moved from newbie to triathlon goliath. We take a look at their trisuits, including the new for 2008 Super Elite Endurance suit.

Timo Bracht's Cucuma/Walser

: For the new series "the bikes of the pros" we want to know more about the Cucuma/Walser of Timo Bracht (GER). He won Ironman Europe in 2007 and he talks candidly to Slowtwitch about his ride.

Torbjorn Sindballe's Argon 18 E-114

: As part of a new series called "the bikes of the pros" we will be looking a bit closer at the race machines of several pro athletes. We start the series here with the bike of Torbjorn Sindballe.

You asked for Quarq, we give you Quarq

: We have seen quite a bit of interest in Quarq and Quarq Technology on our forum and decided to ask Jim Meyer the man behind Quarq a few questions.

Blue Seventy's pointzero3 swim skin gets FINA approval.

: Blue Seventy announced yesterday that they got their pointzero3 swim skin approved by FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation). Will that then possibly mean that all swimming records may be ...

Are Speedskins a viable product category?

: Was anything in Kona hotter in Kona than the P3C? Yes, in fact — the PZ3. It's got the dubious distinction of being the most viable product in a potentially unviable category.

The bikes of the top ten pro women in Kona

: We have uploaded a gallery of images of the top 10 Pro women aboard their bikes.

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