Wahoo RIVAL Gets Native Stryd Support… And More

Wahoo continues to refine its RIVAL with new features. The watch is only one year old, and it has received multiple new features promised at launch, and then some. Today’s release adds native Stryd support to the watch, and their August release added Race Running. These enhancements continue to support Wahoo’s plan to build on the watch over its entire lifetime.


Stryd has been around for several years, but device support has been through a combination of device plug-ins and external websites. No platform has one easy place to see all their Stryd running power data in simple interface. Wahoo’s RIVAL is moving solidly toward true integration.

The RIVAL supported the Stryd before, but it required manual steps and did not have real-time fields on the watch. This update makes Stryd native - the watch shows you real-time power and will record and push all metrics directly to the Stryd app. The ELEMNT companion app’s update will show you all the metrics as well plus a new “data” tab to the app that contains additional user performance data.


Race Running is cool and new and adds to Wahoo’s feature innovations like Multisport Handover and Touchless Transition. In some ways, Race Running goes full circle, back to the days when we used to run with an OG Timex Ironman watch and tried to hit the lap button at every mile or km marker. When GPS watches came along, we all celebrated because the watch would automatically mark splits for us… but then we started noticing that our GPS splits and course distances were a little off from the official course. And we were sad.

Race Running comes along to solve that. When you use the new profile, the watch will automatically snap your GPS tracking to the course’s official markers. The RIVAL will then adjust your distance and pace to match the course. This is a big deal when you are running toward a target pace, like qualifying for Boston, because you will not have to mentally adjust your watch’s pace readings to account for the official course.


Wahoo’s other updates over the past few months include Find My Watch or Phone and Pin Workout Page. And looking forward, Wahoo plans to continue developing Race Running features along with more new features such as Android music control, pool swimming drill and kick mode, breadcrumb navigation, sleep tracking, and updated user interfaces.


If you are shopping for a multisport watch, the Wahoo RIVAL is one to watch. It is constantly moving forward, and Wahoo’s strategy is to make “the most feature-rich sport watch available at its price point.”