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Change the Saddle, not the Position

: When you swap out a standard for a split-nose you probably don’t want to change your position, just your saddle. Let’s talk about how you mount a split-nose saddle so that only your saddle, and ...

The Return of Long and Low?

: For a decade the tri bike has been "rising." The advent of newer aerobars that efficiently pedestal the pad and extension might signal a reversal of that geometric trend.

Speed Wobble

: I expected almost no incidences of speed wobble since the onset of today's monocoque carbon frames. Instead 3 in 10 of you have had speed wobble occur with these bikes.

A Show of Hands?

: Where can you place your hands when riding, and have the bike handle to your liking? Good question, and it's surprising how hard a question this is to answer.

Got money to burn? Earthing wants you

: When is a pillowcase sham a sham sham? When it's a "grounding" or "earthing" sham.

The power of Kyle Buckingham

: South African Kyle Buckingham was the fastest age grouper in Kona in 2013 and returned this year as a Pro - here now is a power data comparison of those 2 events.

Thoughts on science & perception

: During a recent forum discussion about bike sizes, stem length and test rides, Josh Poertner of Silca added a few thoughts on science and perception.

Rim Widths 2014

: We update our big rim width database for 2014. New for this year - not only are outside rim widths listed, but also internal widths for clincher rims. Read on for all of the details.

Are your wheels ready to race?

: What length valve stem are you using? Removable cores? What kind of sealant? What kind of extender is on your wheels? And your spares? This and more in this installment of Things That Roll.

Valve Stems and Extenders

: Extender: one of the few words rhyming with "ender" that is not in Jackson Browne's "The Pretender". This winds Kopecky's how-to into a race-prep chapter in "Things that Roll".

Things that roll

: In a week-long series we'll talk about wheels, tubes, tires, how to choose them, prepare them, acclimate yourself to them, and get the most out of them during the race. We begin with a discussion of ...

Speed Concept brake tips

: We give you a step-by-step guide on how to properly service rear brakes on the Trek Speed Concept triathlon bike, including a few pro tips and tricks.

Barry Roubaix Recap

: We follow up on our intro to gravel racing with a short video, recap, and race report from the 2014 Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race. We talk tires, gearing, and more.

Run shoes in 5 years

: In the series wrap I'll predict what run shoes will be like in 5 years, features that will advance and recede, and possible changes in the trajectory of several leading companies.

Run shoe levers and footbeds

: Running has never seen this kind of divergence in technologies and theories, from barefoot all the way to hyper-structure and custom footbeds. And everything in between.

Future of Run Footwear

: The features that matter in technical running footwear are different now than they were a decade or two ago. That's a good thing. Footwear is going to look a lot different in 5 years.

New run technologies

: The king (minimalist running) is dead. Long live the king (supportive running). This is the first of a series on how new running technologies will transform foot and lower body extremity health.

Gravel Bike Details

: We provide an overview of a relatively new category of bikes: Those purpose built for gravel roads and gravel racing. What makes them unique? Do you want one?

Slowtwitch Mailbag - 10

: We answer more reader questions in our Slowtwitch Mailbag. On tap for this week, have some very interesting information on custom paint, along with a practical query on aero positions.

Your ideal winter kit - 2

: This is part two of our series on winter riding. As we transition in to Spring, how should your equipment change? We discuss the particulars of bike choice, tire choice, and other details.

Your ideal winter kit

: With such a cold winter, we take a look at some tips for riding your bike comfortably. How do you layer? What are the best gloves? Is it possible to stay warm?

Cassette Evolution

: We take a detailed look at cassettes and how they have evolved over the years. With new 11-speed systems, has anything really changed? Where is it going?

Slowtwitch Mailbag – 9

: We open up the Mailbag once again to answer questions from our readers. This week covers stack and reach, tire choice, and some curious particulars of race strategy.

Crank Length and Gearing

: We examine bicycle crank arm length and the way it influences gear ratio. Should your chainring and cassette sizes change along with your crank length? Let’s find out.

Low Profile top caps

: Tall headset top caps are my great while whales. I don't want to eliminate them, just cut them down to size. John Cobb to the rescue.

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