Our 3 Months of Running Begins Today

It’s on us! I hope you’re rested and ready. The 100 runs in 100 days – or as close as you can come – begins now. There are some changes.

First, we actually now have some things to give away. I’ll be giving away a pair of Slowtwitch Tech Ts every day for the next 5 days to random folks who’ve entered the Challenge. Also, we’ll be raffling some HOKA One One Bondi X shoes to you all, several pair, but you have to be entered in the Challenge. This is the shoe I’m running in for training, and I’ll be in it for virtually all of my 100/100 runs.

There is 1 rule change: You can only log a total of 3 runs in 1 day. Otherwise, the rules remain the same. This Challenge is governed by the rules you’ll find in this thread on our Reader Forum, and you’re encouraged to post your questions, thoughts, results and/or pics to this thread as well, during the time of the Challenge. Here is where you sign up for the Challenge, and here is the leadeboard.

The Challenge does not cost to enter, but you must be signed up to use our Training Log. To do this, you need to be a member of our Reader Forum, that is, you need to have an account. If you don’t have an account, sign up. It may take a few hours to validate your account (which I do, so, give me a little time). What’s important is that you answer that challenge question asked of you during sign up. If you write 100/100 as your answer to that challenge question, that will suffice. After you have that Forum account validated you can set up a Training Log instance for yourself, and then when you enter your data on the Training Log it automatically appends to the Challenge.

If your data automatically syncs up to STRAVA, you can sync that data back down to our Training Log. This means you can “log a workout” by clicking that button (in the screenshot above), and you’ll manually place in the fields how far you ran and how long it took. Or, you can click the link that syncs your Training Log account to STRAVA, and the Training Log will pull down all your workouts since the last time you synced.

My Zwift account automatically syncs to my STRAVA account, so I pull down my Zwift runs that way, by syncing to my STRAVA account using that sync button my Training Log page. I just got a new Wahoo Rival watch and my intention is to log my runs on that device, sync up to STRAVA, and then sync down to our Training Log. (I’ll report back how that goes.)

That’s it! My high total over the past 15 years is 80 runs in 100 days. I never get injured during this Challenge because I run every day with tomorrow’s run in mind, and I take days off when I need to. This Challenge rewards consistency, and a very conservative approach to effort and intensity. This has served me well during this part of my season.