The 2019/2020 100/100 Run Challenge is About to Begin!

: As of this writing the 2019/20 edition of the 100/100 Challenge has 400 entrants, and the first eligible run will take place tomorrow.

Zwift: It Do Run Run Run!

: With the popular 100/100 Run Challenge starting in a couple of weeks, some of the members of the Slowtwitch community will be hitting the good ol’ “dreadmill.” Why not make it a bit more fun? ...

100/100 Challenge Starts in 3 Weeks!

: This is our annual *opposite* of run-like-there's-no-tomorrow. The very point is to run with tomorrow in mind.

A Lot of You Wanted to Run

: The Annual Slowtwitch 100/100 Challenge ends. You all circled the world 6 times.

Slowtwitch 100/100 Has Record Participation

: Out little beer bet Challenge has ebbed and flowed over the years. This year it's got a record flow.

Run Amok!

: We call them Challenges and the granddaddy is the 100/100. It starts December 15th. Get ready.

12th 100/100 Run Challenge Begins Today

: Frequency of run sessions, not bulk miles, is the metric. Exit the Challenge in time to enter the season a stronger runner.

100/100 Challenge for the 2017/18 Season

: The Hawaiian Ironman and Challenge Roth are the 2nd and 3rd most anticipated events of the year. On Dec 15 it's the 100/100 Challenge!

Ryan Bolton Has a Foot In Two Worlds

: He was a U.S. Olympian in triathlon, an Ironman winner, and now he coaches both triathletes and East African elite runners.

Annual 100/100 starts today

: So here we go, running our 100 runs in 100 days challenge for the 11th year in a row. Every year it’s our biggest virtual camp.

Run and Swim Winter Challenges

: Our annual 100/100 Run Challenge begins December 15, and our Guppy Challenge kicks off December 1.

100 runs in 100 days - year 10

: It is hard to believe that this challenge has now been running for as long as it has, but on December 15, 2015, we kick off our 10th 100 runs in 100 days season.

Treadmill or Elliptical?

: You can't always run outside. What are the benefits of treadmills and elliptical machines when you need to do your running indoors?

Concrete or Asphalt?

: The hardness difference between concrete and asphalt is insignificant when running in shoes, because the cushioning afforded by shoes far exceeds any cushioning provided by those surfaces.

The cambered road running issue

: Could running on cambered (crowned) roads contribute to foot, ankle, knee or hip pain? This has been studied in recent times with several published articles in the literature. So what do the ...

Math of Tangents

: Without thinking, some of the athletes taking the outside line put themselves at a disadvantage by running further. Over a common race course with turns, taking the outside line can make quite a ...

Mad calf disease

: This you can't sidestep by eschewing beef. The "cure" is to avoid age and, if age avoidance is the remedy, the disease is preferable. What's this run-induced calf malady so many oldsters contract?

The softer side of running

: Fall is the season for trail running and racing. After a long and exciting summer of Triathlon training and racing it is easy to feel "burned out." Try signing up for a trail running race and see ...

How to Kill—Your 10k PR

: I believe just about every reasonably fit male the age of 45 has the theoretical physiological capacity to run his age for a 10k, that is, a 10k in 45 minutes.

Interval Training the Hitchcock way

: After a base of solid distance running has been established, a runner can add interval training to complete the elements needed for optimal racing fitness.

Running long for improved performance

: It is true that runners well below their maximum training load can increase any aspect of their training––including doing more slow and steady running––and see improved racing results.

Run injury free

: Take care of yourself, and don't get pushed around by anybody who sells you anything that goes on your feet.

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