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Low-Sodium Diets: Rethinking the Science

: What leads to higher blood pressure? Too much sodium? Or an imbalance between electrolytes? Here's science's latest.

Training.Slowtwitch.Com: A Primer

: The developer of the new - Eric Jensen - shares his story and gives insights into the past, present, and future of our new training log.

Solar Radiation on Performance

: Solar radiation contributes to heat stress and increases exercise fatigue. What works? Arm coolers. Sunscreen protects from skin cancer, but doesn't help performance.

Slowtwitch Coaching Certification

: More practical. Less PowerPoint.  Coaches trained on the pool deck, on their bikes, and on their feet.

Stationary Bike Apps

: If you're aboard your bike and going nowhere fast that doesn't mean progress can't be made. Here's our overview of structured training apps (e.g., Sufferfest, VirtualTraining, TrainerRoad).

The Pros and their Coaches

: We compiled a list of Pro triathletes and the coaches they trust. Sometimes of course there are additional coaches and helpers involved be we focused on the main persons.

Heart Screening

: Pacific Heart Institute in Santa Monica, CA, has opened its doors to triathletes, offering screening for heart problems at a low cost. This pilot program might be a model for the rest of America.

Heart Tired revisited

: The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article about heart issues of endurance athletes and with that topic trending right now we though we ought to look back at our "Heart Tired" story from ...

Meet you in Font Romeu

: Ironman France champion Frederik Van Lierde reports from Font Romeu, an increasingly popular training spot in the French Pyrenees.

A day with Javier Gomez

: If you ever wanted to know what a day in the life of Javier Gomez was like, look no further. Enjoy this clip that briefly looks back at 2010 and then shows him at home in Spain.

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