Landshark Indoor Triathlon

Race Information

Date: April 23, 2022
Race Type: Triathlon
Bike Surface: Road
Drafting rules:? Non-drafting
Kids Race? *NOT* a kids' race
Course: 0.25 mile swim, 8 mile bike, 2 mile run
Start: 9:00 AM
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Address: 211 N. Stetson Ave
Contact: ‪(312) 880-7811‬    |    coach@landsharktriathlon.com
Individual Price: 55
Team Price:
Date: April 23, 2022
Course: 0.25 mile swim, 8 mile bike, 2 mile run
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Address: 211 N. Stetson Ave

General Information

Registration fees included or disclosed up front?: Yes, all registration/convenience fees are included in price or disclosed up front.
Course Info: Indoor Triathlon: 10min Swim - 30min Bike - 20min Run

More: 10min SWIM - 30min BIKE - 20min RUN... and so much fun!

Join Lakeshore Sport & Fitness (LSF) for the 2022 Indoor Triathlon season! An "indoor tri" is the perfect way to "get your feet wet" whether you are a first timer, or a veteran looking for a motivating challenge to test and benchmark your fitness as you prepare for your next racing season! You can participate side by side with friends and family, co-workers, or individually alongside fellow triathletes. Unlike traditional triathlon, this event is based on time rather than distance. The further you go during a specific portion, the more points you earn toward a final score. The 75-minute event consists of "60 minutes of triathlon" action as follows:

Swim: 10 minutes (in the pool)
Transition #1: 10-minutes
Bike: 30 minutes (on an indoor bike)
Transition #2: 5-minutes
Run: 20 minutes (on a treadmill)

Indoor triathlons are fun, beginner friendly events for all ability levels! Most indoor triathlons are even in relatively shallow depth pools where you can "aqua-jog" the swim if you aren't comfortable swimming. Any swim stroke is welcome, and since the events are time-based (not distance based), you can take breaks as needed anytime! The clock will keep running and you may not "score" as high in total distance, but these events are all about participation - so they are great fun no matter how fast or "social" you take it! So invite your friends, family, and anyone looking for a great fitness challenge!

Directions: https://www.lakeshoresf.com/illinois-center

Register: Click here
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