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Kinetic Loop Training System LLC

6236 Greenmeadow Road
Lakewood, California 90713
Phone: 9704438752
Fax: 9704438752


Education: Graduate degree, Graduate science or exercise-science degree, Undergrad science or exercise-science degree
Certifications: F.I.S.T certified, Serotta certified, USA Cycling level 1, USAT level 1
Services: Local bike fitting, Online coaching, Regular track or group run workouts in person

General Info

General Info: Kinetic Loop Training System delivers high quality endurance coaching in the fields of cycling, running and triathlon performance. Our unique coaching style is based on science, skills, techniques and cutting edge research to empower your inner athlete. Each customized training program, allows the athlete to focus on streamlining their efforts to attain maximized results.

Outdated sports training programs are a thing of the past. Relying on old ways can only slow you down and even put you at risk for injury. The latest sports skill building, progressions and winning techniques set our athletes apart from the rest of the pack. Improvements can be seen quickly in speed, power, and endurance. Every second counts so get in the loop with Kinetic Loop Training System and maximize your performance!
Rates & Fees: Click the link to learn more about our different coaching plans: http://kineticloop.org/
Training Camps Offered: We offer private and group camps
These camps focus on how to train and develop your skills. Each camp usually last 4-5 hours long and we go over tools to help you become a more efficient cyclist, and or runner.
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