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Education: None
Certifications: USA Cycling level 2
Services: Local bike fitting, Online coaching, TrainingPeaks scheduling

General Info

General Info: If you want to improve the bike leg of a triathlon contact us! We can help you improve in every aspect of cycling. Here is info on our coaches below.

Daniel Ramsey
Daniel Ramsey has been riding and racing more than 20 years and coaching for 9 years. He raced at the top level of the sport in the United States for ten years and raced five seasons in Italy at the top Amateur level.
His racing resume includes multiple National Racing Calendar and National Criterium Calendar wins plus other major wins and placings. In the latter part of his career he started to coach and he was able to pass on his vast knowledge of training and racing to numerous athletes. He has coached over 100 athletes, from the beginning rider wanting to do his first century to the seasoned pro wanting to go from an average season to a stellar season. He also was the head coach of the UCSB cycling team for 2 years. He is now riding and racing for fun and wants to pass on what he learned to any cyclist wanting to improve in all cycling disciplines (road, Time Trial, Triathlon Time Trial, cyclocross and Mountain Biking).

Aram Goganian
Aram Goganian brainchild of Predator Cycling, started racing track bikes at 13, and designing and building his first time trial bike at 15. The entire Predator brand was born of this obsession of going faster on the bike, not just through designing lighter more aerodynamic bikes, but through improving a cyclist’s bike fit and riding style. Aram is an official Bike Fit instructor and has conducted hundreds of bike fits for every level of rider. He has been coaching and mentoring cyclists on the track since 2009, and helped run the development program with Major Motions Juniors for two years. Aram has also been using Power Analysis with elite athletes since 2005, running and instructing at various camps.
Rates & Fees: Coaching Levels

Level 3

Monthly personal training schedule
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Level 2

Training Camps Offered: Clinics

Upcoming Clinics
April 13 Year Training Clinic
April 27 Group Ride
May 11 Power Clinic
May 25 Climbing Ride
June 8 Speed Clinic
June 22 Sprint Ride
July 13 Technique Clinic
July 27 TT/Tri Ride
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