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Allen Stanfield

2533 Wanda Place
Gulfport, Mississippi 39501
Phone: 2283835661
Fax: 2283835661


Education: None
Certifications: USAT level 1
Services: One-on-one swim instruction on pool deck, Online coaching, Regular track or group run workouts in person, TrainingPeaks scheduling

General Info

General Info: MPI Coaching starts with “TeamMPI”. TeamMPI is the idea that both coach and athlete work as a team – together. MPI Coaches consider it an honor to be a part of an athlete’s “team”. In a larger sense, TeamMPI extends to all athletes coached in one way or another by MPI Coaches, as each member shares understanding of MPI’s philosophy on achieving joy and success in this sport.

MPI Coaches focus on frequency, consistency and knowing one’s body. Each TeamMPI Athlete is treated individually. While MPI Coaches believe in some common training processes & principles, no two TeamMPI Athletes’ plans ever look a like. So if an athlete only has 6 hours to train a week or 20 hours, the focus doesn’t change: frequency, consistency and knowing one’s body.

With regard to training aids, MPI Coaches are able to accommodate any athlete’s request for utilizing heart rate monitors, power meters or GPS in their daily training plans. MPI Coaches teach athletes that utilizing these data sources need to be combined with an athlete’s perception and knowledge of how their body feels during training and racing.

Lastly, MPI Coaches are all current, practicing triathletes. They know the importance of enjoying the “lifestyle” of triathlon. While focused goals and serious training is always part of their daily lives, MPI Coaches train and race because they love to do it. To MPI Coaches, there is no such thing as a “workout”. They call them “training sessions”. They love to do them and pass this joy on to the athletes they coach.
Rates & Fees: Cost: $200 monthly with a $100 Start-up fee
Minimum time in plan: 3 months
Training Camps Offered: http://www.teammpi.com/camps/
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