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Jim Anderson

42 Highbridge Rd
Lyme, New Hampshire 03768
Phone: 5089618818


Education: Undergrad degree
Certifications: None
Services: One-on-one swim instruction on pool deck, Online coaching, Regular group swim workouts on pool deck, TrainingPeaks scheduling

General Info

General Info: Triathlon, swim and endurance coaching. We have over 20+ years of endurance racing. Our coaching includes working with the Dartmouth Triathlon Club.

Our coaching principles and standards include:
You are a person first, athlete second. Our training plans are individualized and account for you as a whole person.

Consistent, structured training: Appropriate workouts and intensities based on your training cycle, endurance event(s) and personal situation. Execute the fundamentals well.

Base aerobic work. Grow your engine. There are no shortcuts to big fitness. Fitness matters most.

Stress + Rest = Growth. You only get faster when you recover. Recovery is training. Eat well, too.

Dream big, believe it can happen.

Process driven, not results driven. 99% is process, 1% is race. Good or bad, race results don't define us.

Endurance training is a vehicle to be a better partner, spouse, student, boss, employee, parent and citizen.

Communicate with each other. Learn. Evolve. Coaching is a two-way street.

Match your lifestyle with your endurance goals.

There is no failure, only lack of good information. Take chances, back on the horse.

Be humble. Good people. Community.
Rates & Fees: All rates and fees are to be determined based on your personal situation. We coach many U23 athletes for free and scale our fees based on your career situation.
Training Camps Offered: We hold regular pool and open water sessions in the Upper Valley region of NH and VT. We are primarily based out of Hanover, NH. Our 2018 camps will include Olympic-level triathlete(s).
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