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Mat Steinmetz

Boulder, Colorado 80301
Phone: 317-523-1235


Education: Graduate science or exercise-science degree
Certifications: F.I.S.T certified
Services: Local bike fitting, Online coaching, TrainingPeaks scheduling

General Info

General Info: Coach and speed guru, Mat Steinmetz, knows how to maximize athletic ability.  He is currently working with many of the best endurance athletes in the world—Craig Alexander, Mirinda Carfrae, Julie Dibens, and Tom Danielson—for the simple purpose of making them faster. "51 Speedshop” is designed to assist professional and age group endurance athletes, industry representatives, and endurance coaches to capitalize on his secrets of “free speed” and gains in performance.

Through 51 Speedshop, Steinmetz plans to offer an a la carte experience to the endurance world, where athletes can hire him him for bike fit and positioning, aerodynamic wind tunnel testing, counseling on equipment optimization, bike build, advice and experimentation on the affects of external factors like heat and wind on race performance and much more.  The core of the business is individualized “free speed” generation and Steinmetz is regarded as one of the best in the business. 

I started working with Mat 3 years ago and although I'd like to call him my coach, honeslty he's much more than that.  Mat wears multiple hats and gives me insite into the nuts and bolts of my program and all other areas of performance-aerodynamics, bike fit, equipment choice, nutrition, acclimating for certain races and the methodology and protocols in doing so. 

I expect the people around me to put in as much as I put in..research and background work...Mat does all of that and more.  He's never shy either to admit if he doesn't know something and that's what I love about him, he's a great communicator, he knows a hell of a lot about a lot of things and if he doesn't know, he'll find out...he's got good connections within the industry.

Craig Alexander 5x World Champion

In addition, 51 Speedshop has formed strategic partnerships to offer a full suite of other services that include personalized coaching, public speaking, in-season and off-season training camps, and sports medicine and injury prevention. 

“51 Speedshop is a name with meaning,” says Steinmetz, “up to now, the number ‘51’ is considered a lucky number in professional cycling and ‘ the Speedshop’ is the name I give to my office space, wherever I set up business for the day.”  51 Speedshop and its services are mobile but the company will primarily reside in Boulder, Colorado, the place Steinmetz and many of the world’s best endurance athletes call their home. 

Mat brings an attention to detail that is very uncommon in triathlon.  His ability to combine science with the real world is amazing.  We learn from one another which makes for a very healthy relationship.

Mirinda Carfrae 2x World Champion

Whether the sport includes swimming, biking, running or any combination of the three, Steinmetz and 51 Speedshop are well positioned to provide advice and assistance.  Steinmetz has been a long time trusted advisor and coach to recreational and professional endurance athletes?.  He has a Masters degree in Sports Performance, formerly worked with Retul and is widely regarded as the premier Time Trial fit specialist having worked with many age-groupers, professional triathletes, and cycling teams like Garmin, Sky, and Radioshack.  
Rates & Fees: email for rates
Training Camps Offered: TBD
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