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Slowtwitch Coaching Certification Clinics are designed for the multisport or individual sport coach looking to take his or her knowledge and coaching business to the next level. By combining interactive discussions and presentations with actual hands-on coaching instruction, the Slowtwitch Coaching Certification Clinics go beyond the traditional classroom setting to provide coaches with real, practical training that directly translates to their coaching careers.

Slowtwitch currently offers the following coaching certifications:

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Slowtwitch Coaching Certification Clinics are designed to educate coaches on how to better train their athletes on specific aspects of swimming, biking, and running. By focusing on one specific topic, these programs are able to delve deeper, thereby giving coaches practical tools that translate into real-life training implementation strategies for working with clients, athletes and teams. More importantly, coaches are given an opportunity to practice these skills through direct, hands-on coaching experience with real athletes.

Over the course of 2 days, coaches learn how to work with athletes of all levels from the basic beginner to the most advanced. Beginning from the initial athlete introduction, the Slowtwitch Coaching Certification Clinics take coaches along the journey of how to accurately assess an athlete, create an effective training plan, measure progress and skill development, and spot the need for change along the way within an individual sport perspective.

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Get Slowtwitch Certified

Prior to certification, a coach must complete and/or submit the following:

Slowtwitch Coaching Certification Clinic

The clinic requirement is met by attending a Slowtwitch coaching certification clinic. Any travel arrangements that cannot be cancelled without a full refund should not be made before registering for a clinic as each clinic schedule varies and attendance is capped at 20-40, depending on the topic. The maximum number for each clinic will be posted on the registration site.

The clinic is a 2-day practicum and classroom presentation combination course with opportunities to learn and network. Participants must attend the entire clinic in order to be eligible for certification. The minimum age for participation is 18. The fee of $399 includes 2 full days of the clinic, clinic materials, and exam. It does not include lodging, meals, travel expenses, the registration fee or the background check fee.

Directions for completing the online written exam are given at the end of the clinic. The provided course materials, classroom instruction, and hands-on portions of the clinic are the basis for the exam. Attendees are given 3 months to complete the exam. After the 3 month deadline, late fees apply for submission.

Registration Opens
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Background Check

Coaching certification candidates must pass a criminal history check through the NCSI background check application prior to attending a clinic in order to become certified. The fee is $21.25 for most U.S. citizens but does vary by state. International background checks cost more and vary by country. Fees for the background check are not included in the clinic registration fee. Each candidate must complete and pass the required background check or entry into the clinic and certification are denied.

Background checks are based on this criteria. A failed background check results in the candidate being ineligible for participation in a coaching clinic and certification. There is no appeal process for failed background checks and no exceptions. Any candidate concerned about his or her background should complete the background check prior to registration.


A current CPR or AED certification is required at the time of the exam submission in order to be certified. It may be youth or adult and can be taken online.

Certification Period

Slowtwitch Coaching Certifications do not expire. Coaches are encouraged to continue their education on their own and return to a course in the future as they are continually evolving.


Please email with any questions you have about the Slowtwitch Coaching Education Program.