Play Tri Middleton

1661 Deming Way #154
Greenway Station
Middleton, Wisconsin 53562
Phone: 608-836-9084
Fax: 608-831-0338
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Fit Information

Default Tri-Fit Methodology: Homegrown
Certifications: BikeFit
Fit Bikes: Other
Motion-Capture Systems: Other
Cost of Fit: $340 full aerodynamic fit

General Information

General Information: Formerly Endurance House Middleton. We are a triathlon specialty store offering bike fittings for both triathlon and road cycling frames and geometries.
Our extremely experienced bike fitter is Craig Watson, of Bikesbikesbikes.com: ?I?ve helped thousands of riders over the years to ride farther, faster and with more comfort. I?ve worked with pro bike racers, professional triathletes, professional mountain bike racers and many thousands of recreational bike riders who just wanted to have more fun and be more comfortable on their bikes. I?ve solved many hundreds of knee aggravations that were the result of cleat wear, mis-alignment or improper set-up. I?ve helped people get back to bike riding after serious car accidents. I?ve helped triathletes complete an Ironman event when they failed the year before because their aerobar set-up was so uncomfortable that they couldn?t settle into the aero position. And on and on??
Email Craig directly at craig@bikesbikesbikes.com or call him at 608-335-6597.
Directions: From Chicago - Take I-90 W all the way to Madison. Exit onto US 12/18 W for 15 miles then exit on Greenway Bl. We are located in Greenway Station Shopping Center.

From Milwaukee - Take I-94 W to Madison. Exit onto I-90 E towards Chicago. Take Approx. 2 miles. Exit onto US 12/18 W. 12/18 for 15 miles then exit on Greenway Bl. We are located in Greenway Station Shopping Center.

From Madison - Travel on 12/18 W and exit on Greenway Bl. We are located in Greenway Station Shopping Center
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