Frank Totino

Sunrise Tri
520 Sunrise Hwy
West Babylon, New York 11704
Phone: (800) 924-5304
Fax: (631) 587-6200
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Fit Information

Default Tri-Fit Methodology: Jamabalaya (a little of everything)
Certifications: Retul
Fit Bikes: Argon 18, Serotta
Motion-Capture Systems: Dartfish, Retul
Cost of Fit: No cost with bike purchase; $400

General Information

General Information: Our Level One Fit starts with a thorough verbal interview where we will understand your history, goals and limitations. By understanding your goals we will work with you in your fit to answer all the important factors of a good fit: Power, Bio-efficiency, Comfort, Balance, Stability, Breathability, and Nutrition on your bike.

Next we gather information from measurements of only factors we can accurately measure. Most bike fit systems use measurements that even most doctors agree cannot be measured accurately enough to be helpful in bike fitting without taking X-rays or MRI’s. Through hamstring tests and hip flexors tests we will understand your end range limitations and use these measurements to keep you in your comfort zone without compromising power or bio-efficiency.

Your actual fitting starts with proper cleat placement and works up through the body ending with your fingers. We look at all critical joints and muscles along the way: foot, knee, pelvis, spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand and fingers. All our measurements take into consideration your cycling goals.

Adjustments are done with your bike set-up on our Computrainer Platform together with Retul. We use this analysis to determine accurate saddle and bar placement within your flexibility limitations. In the slow motion mode you will you will better see and understand pedaling technique necessary to produce power, biomechanical efficiency and avoid injury. We use Retul in conjunction with the Computrainer Spin Scan Pedal Stroke Analysis to monitor power output for every 15 degrees of your pedal stroke. This analysis shows us left/right leg power output balance, overall pedaling efficiency, average torque angle for each leg, wattage, cadence, speed and heart rate. This is an invaluable tool in fine-tuning your fit by monitoring changes as they relate to power and efficiency. In our fit studio you will view Retul simultaneously with your Computrainer Spin Scan Analysis on our dual monitor display. While using the Computrainer to simulate outdoor conditions by adjusting wattage we use Retul to accurately place your body in an efficient biomechanical alignment to maximize power and avoid injury.
Directions: Located on Long Island at 520 Sunrise Hwy in West Babylon. We're just east of Rt. 109 on the eastbound Sunrise Hwy service road.
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