Rich Burns of Raceday Cycle and Multisport

825 Twelve Bridges Drive, Suite 70
Lincoln, California 95648
Phone: (916) 259-2820
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Fit Information

Default Tri-Fit Methodology: F.I.S.T.
Certifications: F.I.S.T. Road, F.I.S.T. Tri
Fit Bikes: Exit Cycling
Motion-Capture Systems: Ubersense
Cost of Fit: $150

General Information

General Information: We understand the importance of a proper bike fit for both performance and comfort. At RES we work with you on your existing bike or, using the Exit Cycle Fit System, fit you for a new Road or Tri/TT bike. In addition to many hours in the saddle we have specialized training and certification in, and completely subscribe to, the Slowtwitch Protocol for Road bike and Tri bike fitting. Dan Empfield, founder of Slowtwitch, has spent years working with the best in the world of bike fitting and is one of the top and leading masters of bike fitting (and partnered with….creating the first Tri bike?).

Here's what is helpful for you to know - this process is not a one and done type of service. During the fit process we ask you a lot of questions and want your full feedback. Even after the initial fit process is completed, we will continue to work with you until you are 100% comfortable and satisfied with your bike fit.

To enhance and help perfect the fit process even more, we recently invested into the Sella Italia idmatch saddle fit system. For this new saddle fit system we take additional body measurements and check your flexibility. The data is input to the idmatch program which provides saddle recommendations to help you become more comfortable in the saddle quicker.

Below is an overview of what to expect during the bike fitting process:

RES Bike Fit New or your own bike (Road or TT) $150.00

-Biomechanical assessment

-Body alignment

-Cleat/shoe positioning

-Saddle positioning (Fore/Aft)

-Saddle Height

-Stem Handlebar and lever positioning

-Pre and post fit video analysis

** Please allow 1.5 hr for fit process, A full bike fit comes with all bike purchases from RES.

Bike Fit + Spinscan analysis $200.00

-All aspects of RES bike fit plus spinscan analysis measuring efficiency and power.

** Please allow 2 hrs for fit process
Directions: RES is Now Raceday Cycle and Multisport! come in for bike sales and service, coffee, cocktail, snack, bike fit, or just to check out our new digs!
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