Stephen Roche at Prestige Cycles

37a George Street
Brighton, United Kingdom BN3 3YB
Phone: +44 (0)1273 960 194
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Fit Information

Default Tri-Fit Methodology: Serotta
Certifications: BikeFit, BodyGeometry, S.I.C.I. (Serotta)
Fit Bikes: Argon 18, Purely Custom, Serotta
Motion-Capture Systems: Dartfish
Cost of Fit: 200

General Information

General Information: At Prestige Cycles we believe that bike fitting is crucial. Riding in the wrong position can result in pain, strain or injury. For stress-free cycling, your body and your bicycle should ‘live as one’. Bike fitting makes sense and bike fit Brighton experts Prestige can help you achieve this.

Step 1
During a preliminary chat, we begin to understand what you want to achieve as a cyclist. If you suffer from any physical problems – pain, strain or injury – our sports physiotherapist will give you a check-up. The physiotherapy will also check your flexibility and advise us of any other issues which might affect your bike fitting. We note your full body data and foot-bed requirements before you warm up on the turbo machine.

Step 2
Your bicycle is placed on a SICI fitting rig and we take video footage of your cycling style using Dartfish video technology, gathering positional data and power output. We also use a GebioMized saddle pressure device to map the pressure you put on your saddle as you ride, and to make sure the saddle you are using is the right one for you. (We are one of only a few bike fitters in the UK to use this device). During the test – lasting roughly two and a half hours – we continuously refine your position on the cycle.
Your bike fitting includes assessments of the following:
• frameset size
• cleat position
• knee tracking
• insoles
• pedal axle length
• saddle height
• saddle position
• stem length and angle
• stem height
• bar width

Step 3
After testing is complete, Prestige cycles- the bike fitting Brighton experts make adjustments to your bike in the fitting studio.
The integrity of the foot / shoe / pedal interface is a crucial element of your bike fitting. At Prestige Cycles, the bike fitting Brighton experts can provide you with custom foot beds, which support your foot completely and give you more stability while reducing pronation. A flat fee of £65 is charged for this service.

Every bike fitting includes a thirty-minute refitting session two weeks after the initial service. This allows us to check your bike over and to make sure that everything works in the way it should.

The cost of a bike fitting is £200. If you order a new bike from us after a fitting, we offer a £100 rebate on the original fee.

Please remember to bring your cycling shoes with you to the number 1 bike fitting Brighton experts.
Directions: Directions
From Brighton
Follow the B2066 (Church Road) east to west. Once you have passed the junction of the B2185 (Grand Ave and The Drive), George Street is the fifth turning on the right.

From Hove
Follow the B2066 (Church Road) west to east. After the cross section with the A2023 (Hove Street and Sackville Road), George Street is the second road on the left.

Prestige Cycles shop is situated above Phones 4 U, about half way along George Street on the right (if you come from the south end) or on the left (if you come from the north end). Please note, George Street is pedestrianized. If you come by car, park in the large Tesco car park and walk through to George Street.
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