Tom Wiseman

Cycling Solutions
1215 Briggle Rd
Akron, Ohio 44320
Phone: 330-338-4307
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Fit Information

Default Tri-Fit Methodology: Serotta
Certifications: BikeFit, S.I.C.I. (Serotta)
Fit Bikes: Guru DFU
Motion-Capture Systems: Other
Cost of Fit: $300

General Information

General Information: Trained originally by Michael Sylvester through Raleigh bicycles. I use flexibility, range of motion and proprioceptive response to determine the abilities and limitations of the person being fitted. Each person is different and each fitting is specific to their needs and physical limitations. I prioritize functions in fitting in the same order the nervous system does. Breathing is always first followed by posture/stability and finally quality of movement or muscle firing patterns.
The first fitter in Ohio accredited with the International Bike Fitting Institute. http://ibfi-certification.com/
Attended the Medicine of Cycling Conference Bike Fitting Seminar 2017 at USA Cycling Headquarters Colorado Springs
Directions: My home studio/lab is located 30 minutes south of Cleveland on the west side of Akron, Ohio.
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