Mike King of Physio Fits

1904 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, Virginia 23230
Phone: 804-658-2126
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Fit Information

Default Tri-Fit Methodology: Jamabalaya (a little of everything)
Certifications: None
Fit Bikes: None
Motion-Capture Systems: Other
Cost of Fit: 250

General Information

General Information: Posture, position, and fit on a bicycle are crucial to ones enjoyment and abilities in the sport of cycling. From saddle position to handlebar position to the alignment of your cleats, we look at the ergonomics of each component individually as well as a whole to provide the correct blend of comfort and performance for any type of riding. Whether you're racing, commuting or riding recreationally, there is no rider who would not benefit from a comprehensive bike fit.

Mike King is the bike fit specialist for our dedicated team at Sweet Spot Cycling. Mike brings to the table a Master's degree in Health Science, in-depth educational background in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, along with experience on hundreds of bike-fits as well as an impressive race resume. Mike has a an extensive background in the field and the in-depth knowledge that ensures an optimal bike fit. He uses a holistic approach to fits to ensure that the entire body is considered to ensure that all parts work together and no one part gets overworked independently of the others.

A bike fit from Mike ($250) is for the lifetime of the bike with one free refit and $25 refit charge after that for any re-adjustments, including new fit-related components (ex: saddle, shoes, cleats, handlebars, etc.) that are installed. Fittings are offered by appointment only. Please email for more information or to book an appointment!
Directions: Inside Pedal Power RVA Bike Shop
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