JT Lyons

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2816 Historic Decatur Rd. #135
San Diego, California 92106
Phone: 619-523-BIKE (2453)
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Fit Information

Default Tri-Fit Methodology: F.I.S.T.
Certifications: BikeFit, BodyGeometry, F.I.S.T. Advanced, F.I.S.T. Road, F.I.S.T. Tri, Retul, S.I.C.I. (Serotta)
Fit Bikes: Guru DFU, Velotron
Motion-Capture Systems: Innovision, Retul
Cost of Fit: $150 - $450

General Information

General Information: JT is one of 3 FIST instructors in the world. The philosophy of fit is so important at Moment Bicycles, we teach our competition. JT works with Dan Empfield and Jordan Rapp to teach the FIST protocol to the various retailers, coaches, PT etc that visit Xantusia for FIST training workshop. If you have a VERY difficult fit issue (or easy one), Moment Bicycles is the place to visit. We have people fly in from around the world simply for bike fit. We have fit professionals, Olympians, beginners, and weekend warriors. We'd love to help you improve your game.

SAN DIEGO's only FIT FIRST bicycle retailer. We are certified fitters, with exceptional experience. Look at our website for testimonials.

All of our bike fits are done on a "fit-bike". We can measure power and spin scan, but we are primarily interested in your "perceived comfort". We believe power follows comfort. Using a modular "fit bike" we find YOUR preferred position, and ensure bio-mechanical efficiency. You can be "aero", comfortable and powerful all at the same time. Try us, you will not be sorry 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Directions: Google it. If you still have trouble finding the place (we're in a development called Liberty Station) look for the corner of Chauncey and Historic Decatur. Get there and you will be looking at our driveway. Plenty of parking.
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