Get a Grip Cycles Fit Studio

621 W. Fulton Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60661
Phone: 312-627-1701
Fax: 312-627-1706
Spoke Alliance Member: No

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Bike Fit

Key Tri-Specific Contact(s): Yes, Their Names - Kevin Corsello, Adam Kaplan, Geoff Scott, Michael Berman, Ken Mitchell
F.I.S.T. Tri Fitter(s): Yes, Their Names - Kevin Corsello, Adam Kaplan, Geoff Scott, Michael Berman, Ken Mitchell
F.I.S.T. Road Fitter(s): None
F.I.S.T. Advanced Fitter(s): None
BFACT Score: 0
BikeFit, BodyGeometry, Retul, Serotta, or Trek Fitter(s): Yes, Their Names - Kevin Corsello, Adam Kaplan, Geoff Scott, Michael Berman, Ken Mitchell
Default Tri-Fit Methodology: Unanswered
Fit Bikes: Bikefitting, Serotta
Motion-Capture Systems: Dartfish, Other


Wetsuits: None
Bikes: Cervelo, Scott
Custom Frames: Parlee, Serotta, Seven

General Information

Shop Hours: Monday - Friday: 11-7, Saturday: 9-5, Sunday: Closed
Barnett-Trained Mechanic(s): Yes, Their Names - Saj Rudolf, Jeff Brown
United Bicycle Institute-Trained Mechanic(s): Yes, Their Names - Saj Rudolf, Jeff Brown
Shop Info: Get a Grip Cycles is devoted to creating cyclists. To create a cyclist, we have to find out what sort of experience our clients are after. Do you want to crack one hour in a 40K time trial? Survive a double century or a multi-day charity ride? How about just enjoying the outdoors and the occasional commute? Our first priority then, is finding out what our clients expectations are and then matching them up with the proper equipment that meets those expectations. To that end, we have created a comprehensive bike fitting studio where we start with a pre-fitting interview to help define your next bike or find out how to make an existing bike better. Like an Old World tailor, we take careful measurements of your body proportions. We take it even further by carefully checking your overall flexibility and range of motion in your hamstrings, low back, and hip flexors. Once we have this information, we can apply it by watching you in motion as we refine the fit using a Serotta size cycle in conjunction with a Computrainer. Here is where the magic begins, as the perfect fit draws near, we are coaching you as to proper pedaling techniques and core stabilization. So by the end of the fitting process you are made perfectly aware of what works for you and are assured that you are purchasing the correct bicycle whether it is off the rack or made to measure. We at Get a Grip know that bicycles are symmetrical pieces of equipment, and that our bodies are not. From the detailed fitting of the pedal and cleat interface, to the drafting of a custom frame, we have the tools and expertise to take your cycling experience to the next level. That level is determined by you.
Directions: Please visit for directions
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