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CincyExpress Multisport

4585 Blainfield Ct
Cincinnati, Ohio 45103


Club President: Barry Luppert
Board Member(s): None
Total Membership: 100
Club Dues: $30 a year

General Information

Club Info: Team Cincy Express Multisport is dedicated to helping individuals of all ages and abilities improve in their enjoyment and performance of multi-sport activities. Cincy Express is committed to building camaraderie between individuals through education, group training, exchanging techniques, and participation in community events and social functions, as well as promoting health, wellness, and safety in the spirit of endurance sports.
Club Sponsors: ETS Coaching
Wheelie Fun
HFP Racing
Meters and Miles
Rudy Project
Bonk Breaker
Club Discounts: 1. Express Training Services-check their website

2. Meters and Miles offers a 15% discount to CE members.

3. Wheelie Fun offers a 15% discount to CE members on everything but bikes. Bob Duncan(Mr Wheelie Fun) will work with club members on bike purchases to get the best deal possible. There are a lot of variables that go into the bike/set up that are best dealt with on an individual basis.

4. HFP Racing offers a 10% discount to all CE members that sign up online for their races.

5. Fluid hydration offers Cincy Express members a 50% discount on online orders.

6. Rudy Project discount will vary depending on item.

7. Bonk Breakers is offering us an $8 discount per box.
Directions to Workouts & Meeting Location(s): Cincinnati Area
Club Workout Schedule: Caesar Creek, East Fork, numerous locations. Check website for details
Club Meetings & Events Schedule: Check Website for details
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