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Nevis Cycle and Triathlon Club

Main Street
Oualie beach, Caribbean 00162


Club President: Winston Crooke
Board Member(s): Yes, Their Names - Greg phillip, moreen phillip, Reggie douglas, Valerie Smithen, James Weekes
Total Membership: 45
Club Dues: EC$100 per annum

General Information

Club Info: The Nevis cycle Club was formed on a whim in 1996, it had come to our attention that there was a race happening on our sister island of St Kitts, it was the Caribbean Cup Mountain Bike race series. We got a few sponsors together, had some T-shirts printed, grabbed our bikes and off we went, to battle. It was an unmitigated disaster, we had no experience or training, we got lost, injured, dehydrated, you name it, but we nearly all finished, and we had been bitten by the MTB bug.

So, onto pastures new, encouraging the riders to take part in the St Kitts ITU Triathlon that had started in 1999, as members of relay teams, after all riding is riding, we donned slicks on our mountain bikes and went boldly into the fray, well, whaddayouknow, we had a great time and fared very well. We got hooked on triathlon, we just had to get over the very slight hurdle of not being able to swim!, not to be deterred we started training and entered the St Kitts mini-series which they had started as a build up to the ITU event. With a biking background we would emerge on mass from the water at the back of the pack, but soon managed to claw our way into contention, so that going into the run we often had the top 6 positions for team Nevis, ready for the run off to finish. We had arrived, again!!!
Club Sponsors: Our current main sponsor is BIO-SPORT a US based company that produces a sports hydration drink called FLY.

Club Discounts: Please write some information about any discounts offered to club members.
Directions to Workouts & Meeting Location(s): The Club has a regular ride on Sat morning and sunday afternoon. The normal meeting point is the Oualie Beach Hotel.
Swim and run training sessions also begin at this location, Swim sessions Mon/Wed/Fri, and run sessions Mon/Fri.
Club Workout Schedule: Monday Run 7.30am Swim 4:30pm
Tuesday Bike ride 7.00am Swim 4:30pm
Wednesday Run 7.30am Swim 4.30pm
Thursday Bike ride 7.00am Swim 4.30pm
Friday Run 7.30am Swim 4:30pm
Saturday rest day (race day?)
Sunday Round island ride 7.00am (MTB) or afternoon road ride
Club Meetings & Events Schedule: Quarterly, and the AGM is held the last week in Novemeber.
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