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Team Tri Right

14007 S. Bell Rd.
Homer Glen, Illinois 60491


Club President: MJ Gasik
Board Member(s): Yes, Their Names - MJ Gasik, Lisa Simon, Chris Janusz
Total Membership: 175
Club Dues: $60.00 per year

General Information

Club Info: Team Tri Right is a friendly, talented group of athletes who enjoy all things triathlon. Team Tri Right members like to train, race and socialize and most of all, have fun. Our membership includes all levels of talent and experience - so from newbies to veterans, back of the packers to elite athletes, everyone is welcome. If you're looking to join a group to train with, come on out to one of our scheduled workouts and give us a try.

Check out our YouTube Channel on MJ Gasik's page. You can search it by #QnAWithCoachMJ.
Club Sponsors: Club sponsors change from year to year. We currently have sponsorships from a variety of retailers and service providers, both locally and online. These sponsorships help members receive discounts on anything from bikes to wetsuits to running shoes to apparel! As our club grows, so does our sponsorship.
Club Discounts: Discounts on nutrition, road bikes, triathlon bikes, wetsuits, sunglasses, compression wear, running shoes and more!
Directions to Workouts & Meeting Location(s): Regular bike rides during season on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings. Saturday mornings are group runs and sometimes tacked on to a lake swim. Track workouts on Tuesday nights and Wednesday mornings and group runs on Monday nights.

Workouts vary in location and center around the south, southwest and western suburbs of Chicago as well as some workouts in Chicago to get practice in Lake Michigan.
Club Workout Schedule: Long ride Sunday
Hill repeat bike workout on Thursday
Long run Saturday
Masters swim MWF mornings and TTH evenings
Track workout Tuesday
Long rides on Sunday
CompuTrainer classes all year round
Various off-season activities announced through our email group
Club Meetings & Events Schedule: Meetings vary from year to year - we know you all have busy schedules. Team organizes a group social approximately every 6 weeks.
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