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Jockstrap Catapult

6603 Westcott St
Houston, Texas 77007


Club President: Jarrett Hubert
Board Member(s): Yes, Their Names - Charlie Buser, Alex Baron, Dean Digamon, Jon Shaw
Total Membership: 100
Club Dues: $50/yr

General Information

Club Info: Jockstrap Catapult was founded in Houston, TX in the summer of 2009. A group of friends in their mid-twenties (all gifted in high intellect, athletic ability, and good looks) wanted to form an athletic organization that would bring together other similar-minded gentlemen to achieve success and domination in all aspects of life, whether it be social, professional, political, or most importantly, athletic. This group was then solidified around the three C’s; Community, Camaraderie and Competition. Allowing them to do great things for others through fundraising and personally with racing and developing great relationships.
Club Sponsors: Karbach Brewing Co.
Johnny Z Powerhouse Racing
Bicycle World Triathlon Pro Shop
Skratch Labs
Running Warehouse
Rudy Project
Club Discounts: More about JSC:
Weekly team run workouts (Tuesday or Thursday evenings all year long)
Monthly SAG Supported team bike rides supported by Bicycle World and Fitness
Quarterly team meetings with special sponsor deal nights from several local Shops
Access to free rental of team bike box for destination races
Team funded tailgate at major races during the year.
Team tent and bag drop at most local races
Running competition series
Annual Cycling Time Trial team competition
Access to sponsor discounts at over 10 stores including shoes, nutrition, bikes, gear, coaching services, medical supplies and rehabilitation services .
Quarterly team charity events
Access to team Facebook page listing member workouts, items for sale and other pertinent team information
Annual team Holiday Extravaganza party
Exclusive Membership card
Directions to Workouts & Meeting Location(s):
Club Workout Schedule:
Club Meetings & Events Schedule:
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