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Oakland Triathlon Club

P.O. Box 732
Oakland, California 94604


Club President: Rich Borbon
Board Member(s): Yes, Their Names - Jessica Russell, Sam Suttle, Katy Brown, Christine Cheng, Angela Stockard
Total Membership: 180
Club Dues: TBD

General Information

Club Info: When people think of triathlon the word "Oakland" is probably far from their minds. Oakland is filled with triathletes of all abilities that are looking for their own identity. The Oakland Triathlon Club (OTC)was developed to meet that need and is committed to making sure its members have as many resources as possible at their disposal to help them reach their goals.
Club Sponsors: We are constantly updating our list of partnerships. You can find this list on our website.
Club Discounts: We have a variety of partnerships with race directors, local shops, and online merchants.
Directions to Workouts & Meeting Location(s): See our website for details
Club Workout Schedule: We have group workouts almost every day of the week including --
Swim @ Mills College Mondays 7:30pm
Track @ Piedmont HS Tuesdays 6:30pm
Group Rides from Sports Basement, Berkeley Saturdays 9:00am
Club Meetings & Events Schedule: We have three major club-wide meetings a year -- a season kickoff in February, a mid-summer picnic (usually around the Oakland Triathlon Festival) and a year-end party in the Nov/Dec timeframe. See our website for more details.
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