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Central Florida Tri Club

633 Delaney Ave. #28
Orlando, Florida 32801


Club President: Hector L Torres
Board Member(s): Yes, Their Names - Sara Guerra, Pauline Cummings, Don DeBeaux, Kelson Monks, Steve Beck and Wynne McFarlin
Total Membership: 377
Club Dues: $60 adult/ $30 youth

General Information

Club Info: Most structure club you can ever find. All of the sessions are coached and programmed upon your training session. Our success rate is unmeasurable. All level of athletes are welcome. We have several groups: Women's Group, Dr. Phillips Group and the Downtown Group.
Club Sponsors: Visit our website for directions: or check out our FB page for most current info:
Club Discounts: Discount at all of our vendors and bike fitting~
Directions to Workouts & Meeting Location(s): Visit our website for directions: or check out our FB page for most current info:
Club Workout Schedule: All levels and based upon your Annual Training Plan. The coach will work with you.
Club Meetings & Events Schedule: Every quarter we have a Team Building Meeting.
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