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9423 E Camino Del Santo
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260


Club President: Bettina Warnholtz
Board Member(s): None
Total Membership: 150
Club Dues: Varies

General Information

Club Info: We coach all levels of athletes…from the very beginner seeking to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle, to the age grouper looking for a fun team environment to stay motivated while improving fitness and performance, and all the way to the elite athletes looking to achieve the highest athletic potential.

- Each training program is individually designed according to the athlete’s needs, background, goals, and time availability, and applying the most advanced training methods.
- The plan is constantly adjusted to the athlete’s individual progress and adaptation to the training, providing ongoing positive results and allowing the athlete to stay healthy and motivated.
- We offer hands on training sessions, where we work constantly on technique, form, efficiency and speed.
- These sessions are structured in a way that every athlete, regardless of the level of fitness and experience, works at his or her own level, and within a fun and motivating team setting.
- Racelab has a very powerful team environment that offers the best camaraderie, motivation, support and inspiration for all our athletes.
- Regardless of your fitness level and experience in the sport, the racelab team is like a family, that takes training to a whole new level, while allowing you to constantly achieve new goals and accomplishments.
Club Sponsors: We have partnerships with some awesome companies that we've worked with for years! Here's a list of some of them: Rudy Project, Dr Hoy's, Michelob Ultra, Pactimo, Polar Bottles, 1st Endurance, Headsweats, Triggerpoint, Nathan Human Propulsion Labs, Bare Skin Towels and a few more!
Club Discounts: Our members enjoy many discounts at triathlon stores, running stores and events all over Arizona. Contact us for more information about what is available!
Directions to Workouts & Meeting Location(s): Our team meets for group workouts all over the valley. Anywhere from North Scottsdale to South Mountain, racelabbers are everywhere!
Club Workout Schedule: We have group workouts throughout the week! Check out our website and click on Training and Race Calendar for a full list of our workouts!
Club Meetings & Events Schedule: We are constantly meeting and hanging out for social events. These are exclusive to our members so give us a call and we can give you more information!
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