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DT3 Multisport

204 James River Road
Dayton, Ohio 45434


Club President: Graeme Henderson
Board Member(s): None
Total Membership: 40
Club Dues: None

General Information

Club Info: Dayton Team Triathlon Training - The premier Dayton area tri team. We train, we race, we socialize . . . it doesn't get better than that.
Club Sponsors: We are entirely self-supporting. Members pay no dues and thus have to buy their own uniforms. However, since we order in bulk, we get the best equipment well below retail prices. Our current supplier is Louis Garneau.
Club Discounts: Once you are on the team there are several discounts on running equipment, bicycles and even dining.
Directions to Workouts & Meeting Location(s): We train all over the Dayton area and pre-ride all the local courses. When the weather is good, we hold triathlon training at Caesar Creek Lake. Go to the Calendar at and get on the e-mail list for specifics of each session.
Club Workout Schedule: See the Calendar at
Club Meetings & Events Schedule: Please list the schedule of any organized club meetings.
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