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TriAugusta Triathlon Club

Augusta, Georgia


Club President: David Marin
Board Member(s): Yes, Their Names -
Total Membership: 100
Club Dues: $35

General Information

Club Info: TriAugusta Triathlon Club is for everyone interested in triathlon and multisport events. We are a club with members of all types and abilities ranging from the newbie to Kona veteran. Our club is here to organize group workouts, mentor you for your first triathlon, help you excel in your next race, and provide social activities for those who all have the same interests in endurance events.TriAugusta Triathlon Club was informally created simply by a few of us regularly meeting to train for the 2009 Inaugural ESi Ironman Augusta 70.3.
A small group of us began meeting at the Boathouse near the race Transition Area on the Savannah River for swimming, biking and running the race course. As we trained together and the race day approached, the group became larger as word got out that there was consistent group training for Augusta, Georgia?s first Half Ironman?.

Race day finally came and the ESi Ironman Augusta 70.3? was a huge success! So successful that it has come to be known as the largest Half Ironman? event in the world.

After the race, our core group was amazed how many triathlete and multisport enthusiasts there were in our area. With so much interest in this sport we believed Augusta and its surrounding communities needed a club to help bring everyone together. So, TriAugusta Triathlon Club was formed.

TriAugusta is a 501(c)(3) organization, so contributions are tax deductible as allowed by IRS rules.
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Location: Zoom

This is a formal Board meeting, members are welcome to observe. Meetings are typically on the 3rd Monday of each month. Confirmed dates will be listed below. Only Agenda items will be discussed, if time permits we can address non-Agenda items.
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