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Endurance Nation

607 Parker Ave
Monrovia, California 91016


Club President: Rich Strauss
Board Member(s): Yes, Their Names - Patrick McCrann
Total Membership: 400
Club Dues: 30 day free trial, then $79/mo

General Information

Club Info: We are triathletes of all ages and abilities who train collectively for long course events. We train as virtual partners utilizing training and racing content specifically designed to provide the greatest
returns on our training.

Our Team Coaching approach enables us to achieve an accelerated fitness and learning curve unmatched by traditional coaching methods. We are one of fastest growing triathlon teams anywhere.

Our mission is to create & support a global team
committed to maximizing their athletic potential and achieving their triathlon goals via fun, affordable, and time-efficient online training programs.

We connect our members to each other, both virtually and in the real world, through our presence on social networking sites, coach and member-led training camps and adventures in the real world, the team vibe we create with 40-60 athletes and family members at every North American Ironman, and our vibrant forum with over 60k posts, 150 new per day.
Club Sponsors: Wheelbuilder, Infinit, Fuelbelt, Endurance Films
Club Discounts: Members receive discounts on Wheelbuilder race wheels and Powertaps, Infinit Nutrition, and Fuel Belt products.
Directions to Workouts & Meeting Location(s): Please visit our member map here to find Endurance Nation athletes in your area:

Please also join one of our many Ironman race groups on Facebook, to connect with other EN members and athletes doing your race.
Club Workout Schedule: As all of our members are training from the same suite of training plans, members are able to share information, network, support, and hold each other accountable daily in our forums.
Club Meetings & Events Schedule: Our members currently organize their own regional training camps. The coaches regularly produce podcasts and videos to bring the team together. Finally, we create a real world tri club experience for our members at every Ironman in North America.
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