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NYC Triathlon Club

New York
Central Park
New York, New York 10019


Club President: Christophe Vandaele
Board Member(s): Yes, Their Names - chris mosier, carl hardie, Dave Mendelsohn, Lidia Rekas, Margret Bravo, Anna Fyodorova, Mary Beth Moore, David Hollely, Richard Williams.
Total Membership: 150
Club Dues: $300

General Information

Club Info: The NYC Triathlon Club is a USAT registered tri club catering to beginner, intermediate and elite triathletes. If you desire to get faster and stronger, forge new friendships and accomplish new goals, the NYC Triathlon Club is for you.
Consider joining the NYC Tri Club if:

* You are eager to develop a more regimented training program that provides base-building, speed, taper and recovery periods.
* You seek advice about your technique, racing, transitions or nutrition in a friendly, relaxed environment from fellow seasoned triathletes.
* You need guidance in deciding which races to do.
* You'd like to try a new distance of triathlon, for example a Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman or Ironman.
* You are eager to meet local triathletes and forge new friendships.
* You are tired of training alone and want to meet training partners to socialize with and push you to train harder.
* You have never done a triathlon before, but think it sounds like fun.
* You are taken aback by everything there is to learn about triathlons and all the different rules, requirements and gear options.
* You are looking to join a club that trains together throughout the year.
(not just a 20 week program)

What's included in my membership?
* Swim, Bike, Run & Brick training
* CRCA Cycling Team
* Masters Swim Club
* Weekly club news buzz
* Advanced notice of sales and events from our sponsors
* Monthly clinics including "How to change a flat tire," "How to set up your transition area," "Bike Maintenance," "Using your heart-rate monitor" and more...
* Exclusive members only website
* Advice from knowledgeable triathletes
* Select club races for every distance
* Winter workouts including yoga and spinning
* Pre-registration & raffles race race entries in select races
* Discounts from massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, retailers and moreā€¦

for more information visit
Club Sponsors: Blue 70
Zoot Sports
Rudy Project
SBR Multisports
and more...
Club Discounts: Present your Member ID card and receive discounts from participating chiropractors, ART practitioners, Nutritionists, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Retailers and more... found on the member's only website.
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