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Coyotes Triathlon and Bike Club

2186 Redwood Crest
Vista, California 92081


Club President: Jean-Claude Constandse
Board Member(s): Yes, Their Names - Janet Buchanan, Gabe Garcia, Nancie Constandse
Total Membership: 25
Club Dues: $100 initial, $50 annual renewal

General Information

Club Info: Based out of North County San Diego, our small club is a social group of people who love triathlon but love having fun and hanging out together even more. All levels are welcomed and encouraged, mentored and motivated to compete at the level they want to achieve. With Coyotes racing to first place overall down to our back of the pack finishers, everyone has a good time. And with the crazy personalities that are oddly attracted to us the Coyotes probably have more fun than your club! Ahuuuu!
Club Sponsors: Watch My Race; Baunfire; Beaker Concepts, Massage Worx by Brian; Bertrand, Fox & Elliot; Nytro; Pulse Endurance Sports; Tri The World; Rudy Project; Ironman Organic Coffee; Gu Energy Gels; Xterra Wetsuits
Club Discounts: Good discounts with all our sponsors and lots of coaching, gear, and other friendly support from fellow members.
Directions to Workouts & Meeting Location(s):
Club Workout Schedule: Members are informed of workouts on a weekly basis so we can change things up and keep it interesting.
The ones that don't change, usually:
Club Meetings & Events Schedule: Check the website.
Meetings typically held at Pizza Port Solana Beach with beer and pizza.
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