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Maplewood Multisport

7534 Manchester Rd.
St. Louis, Missouri 63143


Club President: Tim Ray
Board Member(s): None
Total Membership: 25
Club Dues: $150

General Information

Club Info: The Concept: Eliminate the hassles. Eliminate the fluff. Eliminate boring meetings. Facilitate members in their attainment of goals. And go fast for a great cause!

Maplewood Multisport is here to provide members with outstanding access to fantastic coaching, performance testing and performance clinics. The club, like so many other clubs, was founded to give athletes the tools they need to attain their ambitions, but we wanted to give our club a purpose. Maplewood Multisport pledges itself to raising money for St. Louis Children's Hospital. By bringing together great people, in a great sport and in support of a cause we believe in, Maplewood Multisport seeks to become the premier Midwest Multisport club.
Club Sponsors: Hautly Cheese, RETUL,,, Custom Coaching, SES Commerce, QR, Litespeed, ZIPP, Big River Running.
Club Discounts: There are club discounts on all products and services. There are special buys on select everyday items. Most of our sponsors also pass on special discounts on items ike frames, wheels, etc. And, the partner coaches provide substantial discounts and free consulting.
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