Stealth pic of new Guru Fit Unit

On Monday upcoming, a week from today, weíll be writing about all the fit bikes that fitters and those who employ them will want to consider having in their shops. This includes a couple of bikes you havenít seen yet. One of them is the new version of the Guru Fit Unit. While Iím not writing about that unit now, per se, in full, I did get hold a couple of pics and thought it worth a sneak peak.

This fit bike is the only one to have motors built in. There are a couple of noteworthy patents in the fit bike arena. One is owned by Ves Mandaric, of Mandaric Cycling and Exit Cycling, and itís the ability to display stack and reach on fit bikes. Thatís why, to date, there is no fit bike other than the Exit Cycling bike that displays these metrics right on the bike.

The second is owned by Guru Cycling, and this patent covers the use of motors on the fit bike to actuate movement of the saddle and handlebars. Purely Custom gets around this patent in a clever fashion: a motor actuates movement, but the motor is not on the bike. Itís handheld. You stick a 6mm Allen wrench in a cordless drill and, presto, motorized movement.

But nothing really competes with the Guru. It kind of has it all. Well, almost all. It doesnít incline. Or, at least, it didnít incline. Note the image above, and the separation of the main unit chassis from the undercarriage. This is where, Iím told, both incline and decline takes place, so that the subject aboard the bike can experience a fuller range of rider experience during the fit process.

This ought to mean, I suppose, that there is a new pair of motors on the bike, bringing the motor total to 6. But Iím just speculating; I don't know yet. More on this new bike on Monday, which is the first day of Interbike week.