The Pros and their pooches 2

In March of last year we shared a gallery of Pros with their dogs and after collecting more images and details, we can now present part 2 of that series. This second gallery was actually inspired by Matt Lieto, because after his interview on slowtwitch (where he mentioned his dog Mili and her prowess) other Pros started a little banter with Matt about who has the best dog.

Featured in this gallery are the special dogs of Gina Crawford, Kelly Williamson, Emma Garrard, Dede Griesbauer, Lisa Bentley, Sam Warriner, Julie Dibens, Amy Dannwolf / Jordan Jones, Richie Cunningham, Tim Berkel, Brian Smith, Matt Lieto, Courtney Atkinson, Cameron Dye and Michael Raelert.

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Pros and their pooches 1

Matt Lieto’s 16 pound Parson’s Terrier is named Mili and goes running with Matt quite often.

Mili and is always up for fun and games.

Gina Crawford is flanked by Raro, a 4-year old Hunterway on the left, and Lily, a 6-year old Hunterway/Collie on the right.

Cameron Dye is enjoying nature with Diesel, his 4-month old English Bulldog.

Fenway is a 6-month old Chocolate Lab and about to explore the neighborhood with owner Lisa Bentley.

Kelly Williamson’s Amico is named after their favorite pizza place/brewery in Salida, CO called 'Amica's'. He is about 2 1/2-years old and they got this Australian Cattle Dog/Red Heeler a few months ago from a cattle dog rescue in Houston, TX.

Amico showing his agility and speed retrieving a stick from the Arkansas River in Salida, Colorado.

2 ˝-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback Rock is posing nicely with his owner Courtney Atkinson. This 105 pound beauty only does a few sprints with Courtney.

XTERRA pro Emma Garrard calls her 4-year old Border Collie Kip her best training partner ever. Seen here with Emma during a backpacking trip in Desolation Wilderness, Lake Tahoe.

Sam, the 2 ˝ yr old whippet of Richie Cunningham stand his ground above his very relaxed owner.

Riley is Dede Griesbauer’s 10-year old Yellow Lab enjoying time at the beach.

2 ˝ year old Golden Retriever Grady is comfortably awaiting the return of his owner Tim Berkel.

Kaisley licking ice cubes after a run with her owner Kate Major. Kaisley is about 2 ˝-3 years old and that is all Kate knows about the dog given to them around Easter by a friend.

Max is the 9 ˝ year old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix of XTERRA pro Brian Smith. Max runs with Brian with the exception of interval sessions and long mountain runs.

Sam Warriner’s dog Bo is 7 years old and is a cross between a British Bulldog and a Staffie, here seen testing out the bathtub.

Bo (named after Bo Duke) used to run with Sam until rupturing her ACL last December. Seen here with Sam in their 20 acre backyard in Parua Bay, Whangarei, New Zealand.

Amy Dannwolf and Jordan Jones with their terrier mix Gulliver. They got Gulliver 3 years ago from a local shelter and he runs with them up to 10 miles in distance.

Julie Diben’s dog Lucky occupies herself with a toy while Julie is working a trainer unit. Lucky is a 5-year old English Cocker.

Michael Raelert and his brother Andreas with Jenna, Michael’s 2-year old Magyar Viszla during a training run.

All good things must come to an end and ideally in a nice location. Jenna watches Michael and Andreas as they are posing for the camera.