Beautiful Breca Jersey SwimRun impressions

The Breca crew organized the inaugural Jersey SwimRun on the Channel Islands, an archipelago in the English Channel, and here are first images from the event that attracted teams from the UK and France.

With the tether completely tight we know that it is full throttle go to the next sector for the French squad of Stéphane Sibout and Benjamin Thevenon.

Earlier in the day with a historic background the teams were still pretty tight together.

Professional triathlete Daniel Halksworth leads teammate Oliver Turner out of the water in this section. And this team was at the front most of the day.

Different paths lead to Rome and that is clearly on the mind of Jonathan Haworth and Liam Smith too.

Miles Franklin and Graham Donald were much more brazen and committed and they ended up in 9th place.

The mixed team of Louis Wyness and Louise Hanley dominated that category and placed 6th overall.

This team opted to the remove the running shoes and stuff them in a backpack, but with many transitions that is a tricky enterprise.

No one said it was going to be easy.

The terrain was very varied and offered challenges and beautiful views to all the teams.

Teammates Dave Harry and Greg Brock working hard on this uphill section.

The mixed team of Rachel Hales and Steven Lord participated in the shorter Sprint event, that offered plenty challenges too.

Mark Wanless and Vaughan Robinson are fully focused on the terrain ahead.

One team mate is already well on the way into the water while his team mate is still getting ready. Let us hope there was no tether between Decio Ferreria and Mark Nicol.

Swimming in the harmony to the next run section.

Linda Clarke and Lisa Howley on the way to the win in the women's division.

Daniel Halksworth assisting his teammate Oliver Turner with the tether

The female team of Emily Scott and Cesca Dessain on the way to second place.

JJ Gallichan and Antoin Le Fevre on the way to 5th place in 8:29.

The French squad of Stéphane Sibout and Benjamin Thevenon took the win in 7:06. A minute up on Daniel Halksworth and Oliver Turner.

All images courtesy of Breca SwimRun Jersey