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Slowtwitch Portland Road Show new

The Slowtwitch Road Show in Portland, Oregon was co-hosted by Athletes Lounge and featured talks by Eric Lagerstrom and Alan Webb.

Flying Shark Video

California triathletes, divers and surfers know that they share the ocean. Two Sunset (Huntington) Beach surfers found that out unwittingly while shooting GoPro video.

Images from East Coast Shows

Here are images from Slowtwitch Road Shows in Connectictut, New Jersey and New York.

The making of a Pain Cave

Our former editor-in-chief used his imagination and spare time to create a unique pain cave in his new home in Winston-Salem, NC.

The Well-Built Triathlete

The Well-Built Triathlete: Turning Potential into Performance by Matt Dixon. A book review by Doug Morris

Road Show at Bonzai Sports

Bonzai, in Washington DC, is one of those special Road Shows because when we did these 20 years ago, as the Quintana Roo Road Shows, Bonzai hosted these as well.

A Slowtwitch Road Show in NC

The first Slowtwitch Road Show took place at Inside Out Sports in Cary, NC and here are some impressions from a day filled with clinics, bike fittings, gear and people.

Thrilling fun when traveling

Triathletes travel all over the world for races, and it is important to explore the places you visit and also make some time for memorable fun.

Slowtwitch Road Shows begin

This tour started as a musing on the Reader Forum last July. Slowtwitch On Tour begins this weekend, in Raleigh, NC, Atlanta, GA, and Milwaukee, WI.

Inside the Tritonman Triathlon

Eric Lagerstrom captured a great video during the bike segment of the 2016 Tritonman Triathlon and added wise words and insight to finish it properly.

A 2016 Tritonman image gallery

The 10th edition of the Tritonman Triathlon took place over the weekend with fast elites in draft legal action, and also offered a more traditional non drafting option.

2016 Challenge Wanaka images

Over 1,600 athletes competed in the 2016 Challenge Wanaka in New Zealand and here are some pro images from this very scenic and stunning race course.

The unique Lofoten X event

The Lofoten X event is part of The Arctic Triple in Norway and 10 Norwegians swam in 5 degree C water, and braved -5 degree C air temps for the other segments.

You want speed? This is speed.

We beam with pride when we reach more than 50 mph on our bikes, but Eric Barone holds the world record at 138.75 mph. Now that is wicked fast.

Training in La Palma, Spain

There are many similarities between Hawaii's Big Island and La Palma, Spain despite the 14,000 kilometers between them, but there are also some differences.

Up, up and up - the Red Bull 400

In 2011 a few hearty souls decided to run up the steep slopes of a ski jumping hill and now you can find Red Bull 400 races in several countries.

A fast man and his van

Eric Lagerstrom recently purchased a van and he spent time to make it work right for him and his girlfriend Magali Tisseyre. But remember, don't come knocking ...

Israman Garmin Eilat images

The Israman Garmin Eilat triathlon features a very unique backdrop and folks from all over the world challenged themselves over the 113 and 226 distance.

The 2016 BMC-Etixx Pro Tri Team

The BMC-Etixx Pro Triathlon Team powered by Uplace started the year with a training camp in Lanzarote and here is video edited nicely by Korupt Vision.

Fighting The Winter Blues

In the Northern hemisphere it is pretty cold right now and one could sit back and complain, or go out and have fun instead - like snowboarding in NYC.

When any finish line will do

At the end of a marathon your mind sometimes plays tricks with you and when you add poor vision because of foggy glasses and you might be in for a surprise.

Snow swimming in Finland

Some athletic events in Europe are amazing and unique, and this includes but is not limited to swimming in the snow, as shown in this video from Finland.

Eric Lagerstrom night running

A compilation of night running video clips by Eric Lagerstrom featuring Magali Tisseyre, Chris Ganter and Derek Garcia. The joy of running at night.

Viking Life - off season 2015

Eric Lagerstrom had a great 2015 season. Won some big races, met the girl, connected with new sponsors and more, but now it is time to enjoy the off season.

Those fantastic daring riding skills

When you watch Danny MacAskill in Cascadia you will likely have sweaty palms, an elevated heartbeat and the realization that you have no bike handling skills whatsoever.
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