Steger, Siddall tops at shortened Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee

After race officials shortened the swim to 1500 meters and the bike leg to 68 kilometers due to wet weather and consequent “dangerous passages,” the pros adjusted to a non-standard middle distance test in Austria. Specifically, the race organizers noted, “the steep descent in Rettenschöss will be cut due to security reasons!”

With some of the usual thrills gone, Thomas Steger of Austria and Laura Siddall of Great Britain buckled down and won the elite titles at Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee in Austria.

Steger overcame a 1:28 deficit after the swim with a 2nd-best bike split and 2nd-fastest 1:16:41 half marathon to finish in 3:21:57 with a 1 minute margin of victory over Giulio Molinari of Italy and 2:02 over 3rd place finisher Mike Phillips of New Zealand.

Siddall started her day with a 2:55 deficit after the swim, made up time with a women's 2nd-fastest 1:53:08 bike split, and closed the deal with a women’s-best 1:24:10 half marathon. Siddall finished in 3:45:21 with a 3:57 margin on runner-up Daniela Sämmler of Germany and 3rd place Margie Santamaria of Italy, who finished in identical 3:49:18 times, with Sämmler winning by a proverbial whisker.

Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee
Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee, Austria
September 3, 2017
S 1.5k / B 68k / R 21.1k



1. Thomas Steger (AUT) S 20:08 B 1:41:42 R 1:16:41 TOT 3:21:57
2. Giulio Molinari (ITA) S 19:56 B 1:40:36 R 1:19:05 TOT 3:22:57
3. Mike Phillips (NZL) S 19:44 B 1:43:38 R 1:16:22 TOT 3:23:59
4. Florian Angert (GER) S 18:40 B 1:44:15 R 1:17:44 TOT 3:24:31
5. Tim Meyer (GER) S 20:13 B 1:44:39 R 1:18:07 TOT 3:26:41


1. Laura Siddall (GBR) S 23:59 B 1:53:08 R 1:24:10 TOT 3:45:21
2. Daniel Sämmler (GER) S 23:24 B 152:26 R 1:28:36 TOT 3:49:18
3. Margie Santamaria (ITA) S 21:04 B 1:55:12 R 1:28:36 TOT 3:49:18
4. Marta Bernardi (ITA) S 23:21 B 1:58:46 R 1:26:02 TOT 3:53:18
5. Lena Berlinger (GER) S 23:14 B 1:54:48 R 1:32:25 TOT 3:54:22