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The 2008 Freedom Run Across America is on the way

Written by: Herbert Krabel
Date: Wed Mar 05 2008

1978 Ironman Tom Knoll and his son Warren are on a mission to run 3,300 miles from coast to coast in the 2008 Freedom Run Across America. This charity event started on March 1 and consist of 112 days of at least 30-mile runs. Dave Orlowski, another 1978 Ironman participant / original Ironman ran the first 3 days with the Knolls.

This will actually be Tom’s second cross-USA charity run. In 1983, Tom ran across the United States for the Sunshine Foundation in 64 days, averaging 46 miles per day. The year's event started at the San Diego, California Marine Corps Recruit Depot and should finish at the Marine Corps Memorial in Washington, DC on July 4th, 2008. Warren Knoll will also bike across the country, possibly marking the first time an individual has both run and biked cross-country in the same event. Basically each day Warren will be driven back to the day’s start and will bike the same distance.

Tom Knoll has completed 185 marathons and ultra marathons, some of which were 100 miles in length. In addition, he has completed nine 250-mile charity runs and one 500-mile charity run around the island of Okinawa for the Shriners and crippled children. He did a Labor Day 300-mile charity run in 3 days and 7 hours for Jerry Lewis and muscular dystrophy, raising over $25,000 in that one event.

The 2008 Freedom Run across America is dedicated to raising funds for the
Wounded Warrior Foundation, which assists wounded veterans and their families, the Sunshine Foundation, which grants wishes to seriously ill and abused children, and the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Runners, joggers, walkers, and wheelchair racers are encouraged to join in the run for whatever mileage they desire to do. Check the site Freedom Run Across America for the daily progress.

Pic shows Dave Orlowski on the left with Tom Knoll on the right. (Tom has marks on his face because he fell on the first day of the run)


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