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Judging Intent

The institutional change we need to make is the adoption of intent into the rulebook, allowing officials to make calls based on intent.

Beijing 2022. The Controversy Behind The Selection.

Our new winter sports editor examines the controversy behind the IOC selection process for the 2022 Olympics, which ultimately ended with Beijing being chosen to host the winter games just 14 years ...

Bill Katovsky R.I.P.

Bill Katovsky, the creator of Triathlete Magazine, passed away a few days ago, and his friend Roy M. Wallack shared a very heartfelt tribute with us.

Keyword: Ambition

An athlete may not subordinate his/her race ambitions solely for the benefit of another athletes race ambitions. (Ironman Elite rule Article 2.0.2)

2015 Kona Preview - Men

Will there be another German Kona triumph? Or will a member of the Spanish or the Belgian commandos prevail? What about a North American man?

2015 Kona Preview - Women

Odds are this race will be a showdown between Mirinda Carfrae and Daniela Ryf but Madame Pele may have a wild card up her sleeve, opening up the women’s win to the rest of a very strong field.

70.3 Worlds Women’s Preview

Daniela Ryf seems even better than she was last year and should dominate the women’s field; Swallow, Wurtele, Kessler, Pedersen, Kaye, Ellis, and Beranek will dispute.

70.3 Worlds Men’s Preview

Looks like another Javier Gomez-Jan Frodeno-Sebastian Kienle showdown in Zell am See, although Tims Don and Reed, the Raelert Brothers, Kiwi Bozzone and Aussie Appleton will dispute.

Ironman a Chinese mega-brand?

Instead of American brands whose wetsuits, bikes and shoes are manufactured in China, Ironman would be a Chinese brand "manufactured" in the U.S.

DQ for roadside relief?

A competitor was DQd during the bike leg for urinating near the roadway during Ironman Lake Placid. As many do. (Let's be honest, as all of us long-timers have done.) Was this fair?

When a confrontation escalates

A motorist in the UK chased a cyclist on foot after a heated confrontation, and then took a serious fall onto the pavement. Instant justice possibly, but the cyclist should have shown more restraint. ...

Giving back to volunteers in Roth

Challenge Roth had about 6,000 volunteers this year and these fans are fully involved. The Challenge family thanks the volunteers with a big shindig called Helferfest.

The Wild Pickle Chew!

Nutritional companies fall over each other making products that all perform a similar function. Meanwhile, there is a necessary function for which there is not yet any product.

The Goodness I'm Surrounded By

Two things happened during my week that don't attach to each other; puzzle pieces entirely unlike except for a keyway they share on one edge.

TriEqual did not Doom Lottery

In our Reader Forum I conflated an overheated atmosphere associated with the TriEqual movement with (if I can be permitted) "Lotterygate." Upon reflection I was wrong; I now see no evidence of any ...

Pro Athlete Race Calendar

Recent statements from Life Time and Challenge echo similar comments from RDs: Absent significant advance notice of who's coming to our races, a pro purse is of limited use.

The Crucible

With the accident of Sjaan Gerth on my mind, I found myself serendipitously coming across several quotes that struck a deep chord. For Sjaan, and for everyone else, I wanted to share them.

The Fight for a Fuller Discussion

Outside Online published a guest editorial by Triathlete Magazine editor Julia Polloreno on The Fight for Gender Equality. There are just one or two things missing from the debate.

Womens Access

It should be obvious to anyone that access begets prosperity. The success of the U.S. women in Olympic-style triathlon is a story about access. Let's talk about how this impacts Ironman.

What Happens When Errors and Values Collide?

Over the last year our publisher (me) used an inappropriate reference to those of Islamic faith; then we hosted a video insensitive to Native Americans; and we stepped in it again yesterday. How ...

An error admitted and regretted

Late last night our editor-in-chief uploaded an interview with a female pro triathlete and while he regrets a question asked.

A look at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside

This weekend marks the official start of the North American triathlon season with the popular Ironman 70.3 Oceanside and the field is very stacked.

Focus on Ironman South Africa

Another big long distance event this weekend is the Standard Bank Ironman South Africa and Frederik Van Lierde and Jodie Swallow are favorites.

Tributes to Steve Tarpinian

A memorial for Steve Tarpinian was held today and we collected various tributes from friends, competitors and people who will keep him in their hearts.

Loving that 20 meter draft rule

At the inaugural Challenge Dubai our editor-in-chief observed the 20 meter draft rule for pros and came away impressed.
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