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Womens Access new

It should be obvious to anyone that access begets prosperity. The success of the U.S. women in Olympic-style triathlon is a story about access. Let's talk about how this impacts Ironman.

What Happens When Errors and Values Collide?

Over the last year our publisher (me) used an inappropriate reference to those of Islamic faith; then we hosted a video insensitive to Native Americans; and we stepped in it again yesterday. How ...

An error admitted and regretted

Late last night our editor-in-chief uploaded an interview with a female pro triathlete and while he regrets a question asked.

A look at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside

This weekend marks the official start of the North American triathlon season with the popular Ironman 70.3 Oceanside and the field is very stacked.

Focus on Ironman South Africa

Another big long distance event this weekend is the Standard Bank Ironman South Africa and Frederik Van Lierde and Jodie Swallow are favorites.

Tributes to Steve Tarpinian

A memorial for Steve Tarpinian was held today and we collected various tributes from friends, competitors and people who will keep him in their hearts.

Loving that 20 meter draft rule

At the inaugural Challenge Dubai our editor-in-chief observed the 20 meter draft rule for pros and came away impressed.

The little race that should

We all have a beloved small race near us, but some of these events are struggling to stay alive. That is also true for the 36 North race near our editor-in-chief.

The 50 Women To Kona letter

While Pro prize money in Kona is equal for men and women, the starting spots are not, and an open letter has been drafted and signed by many to address this issue.

The hunt for equal Kona slots

There is a strong push to increase the number of female pros qualifying for Kona to 50 - for parity, and here is the opinion of our editor-in-chief.

Inside the heart of Ultraman

Author Jim Gourley has written a tale of the small group of founders, guardians and remarkable athletes who keep the original spirit of triathlon alive in the 3-day, 320-mile Ultraman.

RD Takeaways at TBI '15

One of our TBI Conference panelists scared the living Jeebus out of listeners and rightly so. Here's a smattering of what race directors heard at TBI '15.

Felix's Grand Opening

Imagine a big heart, with a head, leg and arms protruding. Valerie Silk was all heart and Felix Walchshöfer is the male version; he's what makes it a fair fight between Challenge and Ironman.

What's the deal between Ironman and Life Time Fitness?

Ironman realizes its brand leverages down to 70.3. Life Time admits its brand leverages up to Olympic distance. But it's much more than that.

Coming clean seems really hard

Another doper has been caught in the dragnet of the WTC but somehow I am left wanting to see and hear more. But is it too hard to come really clean?

2014 Tri Talk of the Year

Favorite rants, soliloquies, meditations, screeds. sermons and one-liners found in blogs, newspapers, magazines, books, and online commentary regarding the sport and lifestyle of triathlon in 2014

17 excellent gifts of joy

It is the time of the year when we think about gifts for loved ones or ourselves and our editor-in-chief has a few thoughts along those lines.

The Steve Hed I Knew

Steve Hed eagerly shared time with the geeks, the bicycle engineers, executives heading other brands; and a steady stream of pros. But it was the geeks and engineers he most loved.

The gift or burden of a manager

Some Pros manage themselves while many use an agent or manager to sort through the business end so they can focus on racing and training. But what makes an agent an asset?

What Lies Inside of You

Here is your opportunity to read Jordan Rapp's closing remarks from 2014 Ironman Arizona's opening ceremony. Maybe his best since, "When the Shite Gets Brown."

Why I chose the Gulf Coast Tri

With so many races out there it is getting harder for athletes to pick where to go and tough for races to survive. Here is why I signed up for the Gulf Coast Tri in May.

Jarrod Shoemaker's Lawsuit

If you want to know why this lawsuit was brought, read here. There's a more robust, historic argument the suit omits, but which morally bolster's Shoemaker's case.

Slowtwitch: A refuge from insult?

A harmless comedic device delivered can, in mid air, turn into an offense. That we didn't mean it doesn't mean we didn't do it. In my judgment, in this case, a race of Americans had a right to be ...

2014 Ironman Women’s Preview

With two wins, women’s race and marathon records, and all podium finishes in her first five years racing Kona, Mirinda Carfrae is the choice to win again – the rest of this talented field is a very ...

2014 Kona Men’s Preview

With no guarantees in this perilous craft of pre-race Ironman prognostication, Timothy Carlson picks the defending champion, an überbiker, and an Olympic gold medalist to reign at Kona.
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