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The Ghost Bike. Thoughts On Loss new

How do you make sense of the senseless? In the wake of Dave Mirra's death, I struggled to comprehend the emptiness I felt. And to understand how those who achieve so much can often feel so inadequate.

Missing the man and the father

I spent 24 hours with Dave Mirra last April and now that he is no longer among us, I feel terribly sad about the loss of this man, husband and father.

When situations escalate

It is not uncommon for a cyclist to charge after an aggressive motorist, but that can escalate quickly as a man quickly learned when a gun was pulled on him.

Super frightening acts in traffic

It is scary enough when you encounter inattentive or otherwise occupied drivers, but it is even more frightening when cars try to mess with you on purpose.

Roommates: Ironman and ITU

Ironman just bought important ITU series races, along with the international broadcast rights for the ITU World Triathlon Series. Why? And will this work out?

The annoying FB athlete spam

If you are a triathlete, runner, cyclist, swimmer or other endurance athlete you have likely been plagued recently by silly Ray-Ban and Oakley spam, and here is why.

No excuses - just getting it done

Most folks prefer to run in mild conditions under a blue sunny sky, but getting it done when the weather is not so hospitable requires a lot more determination.

The Boundary of Sport

Who are the multisporters today who capture my imagination? Those who know where they want to go, know it is not easy and devise skills, products and methods to get there.

The Death of Guru

Going back a decade, GURU was making custom bikes out of all four frame materials. It did it all in 6-thousand feet of space that looked like Agent Q's MI5 workshop.

Subversive Tri

What makes a race subversive? The refusal to play by the rules. Ironman was subversive in 1980 because it was outrageous and ungovernable.

Who is an Athlete?

When you read Clarence King's Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada, it feels like extreme and endurance sports undertaken on the boss's dime.

Letters to a Friend

A man who's been a member for about three years began a thread. He repented and quickly deleted this post, so only a few saw what he wrote. But I did.

No Skill for Living

My long tenure in endurance sport isn't constancy unless a marooned sailor adrift at sea shows constancy by not quitting his lifeboat.

2015 Tri Talk of the Year

Some memorable words during a year of the sublime and ridiculous, inspirational and contemptible, tumult and shouting in the world of swim, bike and run.

17 excellent gifts of joy

There is still time to shop for loved ones and yourself, and in case you ran out of ideas we share a few gift suggestions that hopefully find you well.

Justice Delayed

Does the ITU value the AGer only by the entry fee paid, which funds an elite race? Does it comprehend the need for integrity in the races contested under its purview? We'll see.

Judging Intent

The institutional change we need to make is the adoption of intent into the rulebook, allowing officials to make calls based on intent.

Beijing 2022. The Controversy Behind The Selection.

Our new winter sports editor examines the controversy behind the IOC selection process for the 2022 Olympics, which ultimately ended with Beijing being chosen to host the winter games just 14 years ...

Bill Katovsky R.I.P.

Bill Katovsky, the creator of Triathlete Magazine, passed away a few days ago, and his friend Roy M. Wallack shared a very heartfelt tribute with us.

Keyword: Ambition

An athlete may not subordinate his/her race ambitions solely for the benefit of another athletes race ambitions. (Ironman Elite rule Article 2.0.2)

2015 Kona Preview - Men

Will there be another German Kona triumph? Or will a member of the Spanish or the Belgian commandos prevail? What about a North American man?

2015 Kona Preview - Women

Odds are this race will be a showdown between Mirinda Carfrae and Daniela Ryf but Madame Pele may have a wild card up her sleeve, opening up the women’s win to the rest of a very strong field.

70.3 Worlds Women’s Preview

Daniela Ryf seems even better than she was last year and should dominate the women’s field; Swallow, Wurtele, Kessler, Pedersen, Kaye, Ellis, and Beranek will dispute.

70.3 Worlds Men’s Preview

Looks like another Javier Gomez-Jan Frodeno-Sebastian Kienle showdown in Zell am See, although Tims Don and Reed, the Raelert Brothers, Kiwi Bozzone and Aussie Appleton will dispute.

Ironman a Chinese mega-brand?

Instead of American brands whose wetsuits, bikes and shoes are manufactured in China, Ironman would be a Chinese brand "manufactured" in the U.S.
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