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70.3 St. Croix is calling new

Devashish Paul has added more details and information to his guide of racing and logistics for the Ironman 70.3 St Croix triathlon. Are you ready?

The TRS guide to Twitter

The Real Starky has opinions on quite a few topics and they don't always revolve around triathlon - but they usually relate to that topic. So here are his thoughts on Twitter and its use.

Penticton race for sale or not?

The Penticton race society just published on its website, "Is Challenge Penticton Canada for sale? Absolutely not." It just wants someone to take on the risk and the debt, not the ownership.

What’s next for Rails to Trails

Did the Supreme Court put the program on hold this week? On Monday March 10th the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on a Wyoming land dispute that could affect Rails to Trails programs for years to come.


I’m going to tell you today, now, here, what others won’t. Triathlon as an industry, company by company, has been flat or declining in the U.S. for the past 2 years, maybe 3 years.

The longer, the harder, the better

Erik Seedhouse joined the elite 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment, earned a PhD in space medicine and wrote a gripping memoir about his successes, failures and survival in some very tough ...

Embrace The Struggle

This week the final roster for the Sochi Winter Olympics Games was officially announced. For everyone involved, it was a life-changing experience. But the most fascinating stories of the Games are ...

Farewell Inside Triathlon

The Competitor Group announced today that Inside Triathlon magazine will no longer be published and will focus these resources instead to the sister publication Triathlete and the corresponding ...

From Victim to Villain in a flash

In Chattanooga, TN a cyclist was harassed by folks in a pickup truck and then hunted down again by them in a different vehicle. They even used pepper spray but now the cyclist is accused of being ...

2013 Tri Talk of the Year

Some of Timothy Carlson's favorite rants, soliloquies, meditations and one liners to be found in blogs, newspapers, magazines and online comments directed at triathlon in 2013.

Ironman and the Philippines

I got a voice message from WTC's CEO, Andrew Messick, and it was not business as usual. It was about typhoon Haiyan, and in this case the heart was riding shotgun and EBITDA took a back seat.

The Ironprince

WTC's domestic Ironman for foreigners was invaded by an entourage from one of the world's richest families. Who knew Bahrain was Ironcrazy? And they want an Iron race of their own.

Helmet rule upheaval

Spain's Victor Del Corral won IM Florida this past weekend with a superb 7:53:12. Now he faces a DQ because he wore the same helmet Frederick Van Lierde wore in Kona.

The Kona 2013 helmet trend

With two very big marketing campaigns in Kona it is not surprising to see Rudy Project leading the helmet count, but they are in fact part of an apparent trend that less is enough.

2013 XTERRA Worlds picks

The 18th edition of the fabulous XTERRA Worlds in Maui offers a deep roster of fierce competitors vying to take the elite crowns as the top off road triathletes on the planet.

2013 Kona women’s favorites

No dominant force, a few key players missing, some usual favorites battling physical woes and many talented contenders make the Ironman World Championship women’s elite race maddeningly difficult to ...

2013 Kona Men’s Favorites

Taking on the impossible task of Ironman World Championship predictions once again, this humble prognosticator thinks that Eneko Llanos, Pete Jacobs and Andreas Raelert will go 1-2-3 atop the ...

Another sad drunk driving death sentence

In early September of this year TriDubai founder Roy Nasr was killed by an admitted drunk driver and that 24-year old male has now been sentenced to a month in jail. This is unbelievably sad and ...

Interbike Observations 2013

We share our key observations and commentary about Interbike 2013. Other than a venue change to Mandalay Bay, what were the key differences from years past?

Don't Gut USAT's Transparency Requirements

Victor Plata, elite athlete representative on USA Triathlon's Board of Directors, urges USAT's annual members to vote "no" on resolutions he beieves would stifle transparency and concentrate power ...

Don't Hand your Federation to Olympic Elites

Jack Weiss, a fixture on USAT's Board of Directors, sees an attempt by the Olympic elite athletes to pack the board and execute an agenda at odds with the needs of AGers and those who produce their ...

Las Vegas Men’s Favorites

The temperatures are hot, but the competition will be hotter at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship on Sunday. Timothy Carlson's top pick is Craig Alexander, but the talent is too close to call.

Las Vegas Women’s Favorites

With two top women’s favorites hanging by a thread nursing injuries, 2011 Ironman 70.3 World Champ Melissa Hauschildt of Australia is almost unbeaten this year and is a rare phenomenon – a clear ...

A Pro IM Mt. Tremblant preview

Nestled in a fairy tale setting in the Laurentian Mountains outside Montreal, Ironman Mt. Tremblant pros with Kona qualifying dreams will be heading to their calculators after they finish this 4000-po ...

On's Chap 11 filing

Triathlon's signature etailer TriSports filed for Chapter 11 protection on the 14th of June. What does this mean for its customers and for its future? Here's what you need to know.
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