Winners and Losers From the 2018 TBI Conference

: The 2018 TBI Conference has ended. Who won? Who lost? It's predicated on your answer to this: were you there?

Is Triathlon Up or Down for 2018?

: For those who think anything over 300 word is tl;dr: It'll be up in the aggregate, but the median race will be flat or down.

Marshal Your Indignation

: Let's disagree on much. But those who traverse the land under human powered locomotion should be of one mind on our public lands.

Dirk Bockel offers Triathlon Guides

: Bockel presents Art of Triathlon Training and offers companion guides from coach Michael Krüger and aerodynamic expert Mike Giraud.

Why We Bought

: Two weeks ago my wingman Monty and I bought It is a temporary custodianship. Why did we do it?

Duffy, Mola heavy favorites for World titles

: Grand Finals are up for grabs, but Flora Duffy and Mario Mola have big leads in WTS World Championship.

Ironman 70.3 Worlds favorites

: Timothy Carlson rates the men’s and women's elite fields at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Chattanooga.

Splitting The Field In Chattanooga

: Before the race has even begun, the 2017 Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Chattanooga, TN is already a watershed moment in the history of Ironman racing. For the first time, men and women will ...

Gino Bartali and The Road To Valor

: Gino Bartali, two-time winner of the Tour de France, helped save the lives of Jewish refugees during WWII by ferrying documents hidden in his bicycle and by sheltering a Jewish family in an apartment ...

The Coach's Thoughts. Peak Performance Review Three.

: Brian Stover, founder of Accelerate3 Coaching, offers a coach's perspective on Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness's book, "Peak Performance." This is the third review in our series.

Changes at Life Time: Is USAT Out?

: Life Time Fitness was caught in the crossfire of declining participation and escalating fees. What got jettisoned? USA Triathlon's rules, at least.

The Professor's Take. Peak Performance Review Two.

: Gail Gottfried, PhD, Professor of Psychology at Pitzer College, reviews "Peak Performance" in the second of our crowdsourced reviews. Gottfried writes that the book is, "compelling and hard to put ...

Peak Performance Reviewed

: The first of three reviews of Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness's new book, "Peak Performance" crowdsourced from our user forum. Here Dan Kennison, founder of Premier Bike, brings his perspective as an ...

But you are women!

: When Kristin Larsson and Annika Ericsson showed up to race SwimRunMan Gorges du Verdon a hotel receptionist said "But you are women!" Undeterred the two females then beat all mixed and male teams and ...

Building the mind of a champion

: Ironman 70.3 World Champion Joanna Zeiger Ph.D. applies her analytical skills and insights from her career in a guide to building a champion mindset.

The Swim Leg Reconsidered

: Why I am choosing to hitch my wagon to the swim in my hack-an-Ironman training approach.

Placing Yourself in the Shoes of Your Customer

: Affordable Tire is a business that sits on a side street on a small-to-mid-sized American town. And just creams it. Metaphors abound.

Morphing into an Endurance Athlete

: A snapshot look at how endurance sports changed my life for the better.

Be a Nice Person

: I don’t want our industry to waterboard its customers. I read a blog post from a company that feels the same way I do. Posts like this are too rare.

A clash of cultures in the pool

: The police were called to a pool in Germany because a swimmer swam freestyle outside of a designated freestyle lane. Because of "dangerous waves" triathletes and swimmers in Germany often can't use ...

Digging deep with Siri Lindley

: A look at the autobiography of a champion triathlete and coach who rose from deep insecurity and doubt to realize her dreams in sport and life.

Will Ironman Haul In Rock ’n’ Roll?

: Do you mind of I take a complete flyer here? Raw speculation? Ironman buys the world's premier run event brand.

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