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BMC Timemachine TM01

Written by: Herbert Krabel
Added: Wed Aug 31 2011
Last Modified: Mon Sep 05 2011

Andreas and Michael Raelert are now both aboard a BMC Timemachine TM01 and we had the opportunity to look at one of these new rides a bit closer at the Eurobike show.

The Timemachine TM01 comes in 4 different sizes, small, medium short, medium long and large - and with the very clever integrated stem system it is possible to have up to 32 different stem configurations. Standard seat tube angle is 77 degrees but Andreas Raelert rides his closer to 82 and some of the BMC Pro Tour Team as slack as 73 degrees according BMC product manager road Andrew James.

The BMC Timemachine TM01 has been quite an attention getter at the show and we had to wrestle it from the booth.

The integrated linear brakes look very clean indeed and production models will have the access holes plugged.

The rear brake is blended in below the bottom bracket.

The Shimano Di2 battery is nicely tucked away in the seat tube.

With 4 different wedges that can be flipped up or down and combined in various ways, 32 different stem positions can be achieved.

Andreas Raelert's Timemachine has a Fizik saddle and so did this show bike.

Not much to see for the wind.

Stack and reach numbers for BMC Timemachine TM01

Size S: Stack 480 / Reach 393
Size M-S: Stack 515 / Reach 377
Size M-L: Stack 515 / Reach 418
Size L: Stack 556 / Reach 442

All images are © Herbert Krabel /


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