2012 Superfrog Triathlon

The Superfrog Triathlon is the longest continuously running half Ironman distance and 800-plus competitors enjoyed the 34th edition held on the Coronado peninsula. Photo Gallery by Timothy Carlson.

Swimmers had to deal with a typical Navy SEAL training challenge - 6-foot high surf.

Woman competitor runs between two .6 mile swim laps.

Lance Armstrong swam 25:18.

Age group athletes exit the swim.

Age group athlete sprints between swim laps.

Catching a wave helps your swim time.

Crowds of wet-suited competitors sprint up the beach toward Lap 2.

Swimmer runs up the beach.

Leon Griffin led the bike into T2 with a swift 2:03:05 split.

A pro flies on the flat-as-a-pool-table bike course.

Passing a gel? Holding hands? On the bike?

Old school Speedo-only race gear displays Lance Armstrong's impressive physical power.

Riding past the Navy SEALS training grounds.

Cheerful Tyler Butterfield adjusts his jersey and number as he passes wife Nikki and daughter Savana at the start of the sandy seaside run.

If the 13.1-mile slog through soft sand wasn't enough, this competitor planned to juggle all the way.

A pack of intense age group runners.

Armstrong ran a race-fastest 1:19:58.

Jumping for joy - not a bad Greg Welch homage.

Lance Armstrong thanks and pays tribute to Navy SEAL veteran and Superfrog race founder Moki Martin.

Tyler Butterfield took home some cash for his 3rd place finish. Bu the real reward was an embrace at the finish.