2012 USAT Hall of Fame

With the 2012 Olympics fast approaching, USA Triathlon decided to make May 10-12 a gala weekend in San Diego just a mile or two away from the 1974 birthplace of the sport on nearby Fiesta Island. The main attraction was the first U.S. World Triathlon Series [formerly World Championship Series] event in the United States since 2010. Both men's and women's elite races would play a key role in Olympic qualification for several countries - as well providing as venue for a fine age group race on Saturday. In addition, some ITU bigwigs had a meeting and most significantly, the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame inducted its 2012 class. All hail Ethel Autorino, Sally Edwards and Bob Babbitt! But the buzz was all about the additional induction of Scott Tinley, Scott Molina and Mark Allen. Welcomed by 2010 inductee Dave Scott, the occasion provided the first opportunity in two decades for a gathering of the original Big Four of triathlon.

Great stories, camaraderie, many laughs and some heartfelt memories were shared -- and an excellent time was had by all.

All photos © Timothy Carlson

Scot Molina, Scott Tinley, Mark Allen and Dave Scott offered great stories to a gathering of the Triathlon Club of San Diego on the Friday morning after the Hall of Fame ceremony. Fellow Hall of Famer Bob Babbitt was the emcee.

Scott Molina held his Hall of Fame vase as the rest of the Big Four looked on Thursday evening.

Three of the Big Four share a laugh.

Scott Molina and his USA Triathlon Hall of Fame vase.

Scott Tinley digs deep in memories.

Dave Scott was amused.

Phillip, Scott and Sean Molina with an archival Triathlete Magazine cover featuring the brothers at the peak of their athletic fitness.

Dave Scott signs a poster of the classic Big Four magazine cover.

Doctor Scott Tinley, Ph.D., sporting a fashionable academic look.

Bog Babbitt holds tight to his Hall of Fame vase presented by USA Triathlon's Chuck Graziano.

Greg and Sian Welch look over a program listing the Hall of Fame inductees' CVs.

Paula Newby-Fraser, USAT Hall of Fame class of 2010, laughs at one of the evening's great personal recollections.

Great coach and race director Roch Frey and his lovely wife Heather Fuhr, the 1997 Ironman World Champion.

The great Michellie Jones, two-time ITU World Champion, 2000 Olympic silver medalist and 2006 Ironman World Champion.

Sally Edwards, Ironman podium finisher, Western States 100 champion, Danskin spokeswoman, author and wildly successful entrepreneur.

Jim Curl, 2010 Hall of Famer, with USA Triathlon's Tim Yount.

ITU executive Loreen Barnett and ITU Executive Board Member Terry Sheldrake of New Zealand.

ITU Executive Board member Melissa Merson

USAT Board of Directors President Bob Wendling.

The Big Four share a laugh.