2012 Wildflower long course

There was plenty of fireworks and drama at the 30th anniversary Wildflower long course triathlon Saturday at Lake San Antonio California.. Jesse Thomas posted the second fastest men's time ever while winning his second straight title on the classic Wildflower course. Heather Jackson one upped Thomas by breaking the course record with a 4:26:29 clocking - not to forget a blazing 1:21:08 run that also broke the course record set by another Heather, Heather Fuhr, in 1999. Former champions like 2000 winner Chris Legh took 5th. And a good time was had by all.

All photographs © Timothy Carlson

Jordan Rapp rounds the run turnaround at Mile 10 on his way to 2nd place.

Tri club warms up with a rousing pre swim cheer.

Age group swim start wave.

Charging off into Lake San Antonio.

The Wildflower swim start amphitheater effect.

Swim exit splash.

Taking off the wetsuit while running is an art.

Real life bike passing a model of the incomparable Paula Newby-Fraser in a perfect tuck.

Clayton Fettell had a great swim and led the bike up to Mile 32.

Heather Jackson rode a women's 2nd best 2:34:45.

Jordan Rapp crosses the bridge at Mile 40.

Jordan Rapp rode 2:17:32.

Linsey Corbin ran 5th best 1:28:01

Tall runner at Mile 3.

Magali Tisseyre ran 1:27:01 on her way to 3rd ;place.

Jordan Rapp strains to catch Jesse Thomas but his 1:16:11 run fell short.

Heather Jackson exults in the finish chute.

Heather Jackson congratulates Linsey Corbin on her runner-up finish

Jesse Thomas hugs his great good friend Matt Lieto at the finish.

Chris Legh, the 2000 Wildflower men's champion , ran fourth fastest 1:16:37 and finished 5th overall.